I Hate Video Games - Recruiting all!

Hey everyone!

I Hate Video Games is a guild of friends who are currently looking to bolster our ranks for raiding and overall enjoying Shadowlands. We used to be the guild Rocks on Staghelm, but decided to create an actual raiding group this expansion.
Super friendly, laid back atmosphere. We are gonna focus on gearing up, pushing M+ and Castle Nathria. Looking for any role at this point (we do have a few healers at this point).

If you are looking for a guild where you can join a bunch of people who enjoy playing together, enjoy all things Warcraft and want to progress while having fun, join us!
We are looking at Thursday and Sunday as being our raid nights, but depending on the majority we can figure out the best days.
We have a posting in the Guild Recruitment app, or you can message Tabris or BiggyMcFinch to find out more or inquire about joining.

We have a ridiculous guild name that fits a ridiculous guild.

what time on Sundays?