I hate the quests that involve killing animals

It is a very personal view, but I really hate the quests that require me to kill animals. On the contrary I really enjoy the quests where i am asked to heal or help an animal in need.

Does anyone else share the same view? I know its just a game, but it is still feels weird.


I know they are “just pixels”, but I can’t bring myself to kill any of the ducks.


Exactly! It feels sad to do it. Although it is just pixels. I hope we could choose wether to do it or not.


It doesn’t always bother me, but I especially don’t like it if the mobs are neutral. For some reason, I don’t mind killing them as much on my hunter who is also a skinner/LW because I feel like there is a purpose to doing it and as if it doesn’t go to waste. I know it seems silly, but I usually don’t like to attack a “sleeping” mob, either, unless it attacks me first.


Hey! I’m the same way. I don’t like killing animals in the game - especially the yellow/neutral ones that are just minding their business. I have no issue killing humanoids/monsters/demons for quests but the ones to kill animals make me really sad. I have to keep reminding myself it’s just a game… not real. Or I’ll tell myself I made them “faint” like pokemon lol.


Same! It makes me feel terrible, especially when there is a mum and baby group :((((((((. I am hoping that we will get different options sooner rather than later, as it’s seriously making me want to quit wow :((((((((


Finally I see more people who dislike killing animals in wow, I was feeling the same for a long time


I’m fairly heartless but I’m kinda with you on that.

When I see a player just casually slay a nearby critter I wish I could just attack them without having to duel.


I am in the same boat. Really hate when one of my abilities hits one without me being hostile with it. On a similar note, I really wish the devs would stop making so many animals in the game automatically hostile. If anything many of them should run away instead. Its just a game but it still feels wrong. Especially when I play on my druid.


It tends to depend on my character. My Druid would go out of their way not to kill anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, but my Hunter would have no problem with it. My Warlock and Warrior could go either way, while my DK kills whatever ticks them off. I try to play each character as their character rather than as myself. I do prefer that those quests would have a kill/heal option to them though and it wouldn’t be hard to set up.

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Same! Though I feel like a hypocrite as I killed a TON of neutral gore-tusks to sell their meat (it funded my first riding training). But when I saw them frolicking around carts or something, I just couldn’t bring myself to kill them.

I wish that, if there are quests to kill animals, they they at least be aggressive. I also hate that neutral animals now easily trigger and attack you, even if you didn’t hit them. I try to avoid AoEs or any cleaving attacks (as a mage) so as to not hit neutral animals in the area, but they attack anyway. On some occasions, I’ve sheeped them and then run off and a few times, even invised away, NOT because I was in danger, I just didn’t want to kill them.

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I agree with all these points haha. I have several attacks and some gear pieces that proc a cleave randomly and I hate when it happens. But, sometimes it’s so slow to kill the main target without those abilities.

Today in an Azure Span hunt, I had to kill a bunch of neutral otters and beavers just resting happily and peacefully by the water. I’m glad I am not alone in feeling sad about it, as I know they aren’t real. I am just a sensitive soul :slight_smile:

Good idea to use your polymorph! I can feign death on my hunter but she hits pretty hard now and sometimes it happens so fast lol.