I had no fun while unlocking the water strider

Well, two things about that.

  1. I would like that, as its the only one I would use as a blood dk.
  2. There is a fundamental difference between the water strider and the sky golem. Namely that the water strider is a rep grind. The sky golem is an engineering craftable. Taking the herbing function off of sky golem would most likely kill the market for anyone trying to sell them. Which imo is a bad thing.

That’s because the ptr isn’t out yet. I wouldnt put it past blizz to “forget” to tell is about removing those items just to gloss over “the new best thing”.

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Therefore this is just speculation. It’s not based on any actual verifiable facts. As I thought.

Yeah because its not like they are known to tell lies, is it?

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The water strider change is not good overall. It’s a slap in the face to the playerbase that earned it. All mounts shouldn’t be created equal. It’s a GOOD thing that some mounts are different than others. That’s what makes mounts different and unique, and that’s what makes people want to unlock them.

BIizz needs to STOP homogenizing everything and making it equal.


If you think Blizzard will add a mount system that enforces a strict 1 function at a time limit and yet keep the existing consumables (which will also be crafted items) in game then you just don’t know Blizzard.


I’m sorry, I have seem to run out of likes for you OP, I wish I could like your post more than once, because I don’t know how to really say, I agree with you 100%.

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I have some good news! Waterstriders will still be able to waterwalk just like before.

Not like now since it is baseline and account wide not a purchased consumable that is character specific.

Not like now where you can apply other bonus effects to have dual functionality.

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Don’t worry. I will be opening a Shaman Waterwalking service near all major bodies of water or annoying rivers that are JUST too deep.

10 gold and you too can have water walking and anti daze.

All joking aside it is not that bad. We will be airborne soon anyway. Too bad levitate does not get you over the water haha.


Just add waterwalking equipment and you’re good to go. This is a non issue. You can still use the other effect items like before too. Nothing changes.

Yeah, it will be complete bs if they take away water walking from the water strider.

especially considering that the equipment doesn’t kick in till 100.

um…i got that water strider when i was level 90.

Waterstriders still get waterwalking.

Doesn’t help the items aren’t on the PTR (that’s not even out for the public yet) and there is currently tons of hyperbole and misinformation flying around.

But if you have the anglers rep one you get a BoA item from them that makes every mount a waterwalking mount.

can’t use equipment on sub level 100 toons.

And after level 60 the water strider isn’t needed. it was useful for alts in low level areas where you cant fly.

equipment is coming out at the same time as our ability to unlock flying. once we unlock flying, im not gonna need water walking on my 120s.

The ptr isn’t out yet

Where are you hearing this?

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see? this is the misinformation flying around.

poorly worded on my part… that’s what i mean

Yes you can.

You can use it for alts in lower level areas and it can still waterwalk.

Then why are you complaining?

Thanks. I was going by what the youtubers (who got to play test) said.