I guess I’ll try since no one else is

Like most of you, I’ve been on this server since back in it’s prime in BC/WotLK days. All my characters are here. Lots of memories. And I don’t feel like paying to transfer all my characters.

There’s no real raiding scene at all to join… so I guess I’ll try to make something happen for those still left here.

I will be attempting to start a guild and raid team for Shadowlands. Will do a Monday/Tuesday evening raid time most likely. Nothing crazy - normal and heroic and maybe try some mythics down the road. Push some M+ here and there. Focus will be on fun but still clearing content.

I’ve guild and raid led before and I do enjoy it.

If you’re stuck here with me and looking for a home so we don’t have to transfer off, send me some ingame mail or respond here.