I guess horde top PVP player is a BOT

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You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and use a bot program to farm honor?


Playing BGs really badly - Not actionable
Playing 16 hours/day - Not actionable
AFKing in a BG - Used to be a kick from the BG until the community abused flagging. Maybe a 24-72hour at worst if done frequently?
Account Sharing with someone in the same house - Technically actionable, but in practice not really and a long history of stuff like this sliding. Generally a 24-72 hour suspension worst case.
Using chemical substances to stay awake - Not actionable (by Blizzard)
Botting and cheat programs - 90 day minimum first offense, often 6 months.

Hmmmmm… I wonder what clickbait title I should use for my video where I show off how much better of a PvPer I am than someone with the highest rank on the server…

Smells like a witch hunt in here, if playing like garbage was actionable I’m sure Pojo would also be on the chopping block at times.

Any time he avoids killing someone it’s possible he already has DR and it’s not worth his time to stop.

This video looks like a bad excuse to smear someone who simply plays more often.


I can practically taste the salt. :salt:

Smorc are you really Good? Not from what I hear. I guess your group botting as well. I’ve seen your #1, in an AV I was in, not impressed…
Especially when someone with less then half the rank, outplayed them.
So were they botting? Or, just suck?

Typical snowflake posts. Someone go give smorc a hug. It’s gonna be okay if your guild is 2nd at something.

Botting is low but wow forum drama is lower.

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