I got scammed by "Polymorphed-Antonidas" (murloc n company) guild

I was offering a “mk2 mogul” mount when a player named “Polymorphed-Antonidas” from the guild (Murloc n company) showed up. We started talking and he seemed like a good person, polite and all. I was offering my mount for the sum of 105k, I was selling it in an American kingdom because in ragnostic the economy is down. This person offered me 100k for the saddle, which I agreed to.
(I was 96k short of my month’s play) I told him I trusted him and would give him my mount first at Ragnaros which he accepted. OBVIOUSLY. I told him I would add him to my battle net list, which he agreed to. He created a character on Ragnaros and I gave him my mount, which HE LEARNED almost in the blink of an eye. Instantly I decided to inform him that I would go to the American server where I had previously offered the mount so that he, AS AGREED WITH ME, would give me the gold. This person instantly removed me from the battle net list and disconnected. I kept whispering to him, exalted and a little bit evicted by his attitude, since I didn’t expect it… I am a person of my word, noble and I would never think of defrauding anyone, perhaps those are some of my greatest virtues and defects…
When I manage to whisper to this person, this person LOGICALLY begins to use the famous technique of the disengaged, which did not work much when I told him not to try to scamm me because I had many screenshots taken previously from the beginning of the talk. His plan B was to tell me that he “believed” that I thought he was a good guy and that I would give him the mount on another server… WT… And a thousand other things like that… I hope please that you help me to recover my mount, to know the behavior of this person that doesn’t have codes and that you know him in your server for the kind of player that he is. I was wrong? surely, like all human beings, but I was always loyal and I never stole from anyone. That’s why I hope for the support of the World of Warcraft community, a game that has helped me through some very difficult moments in my life and that I’m grateful for. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. Greetings!


I always wondered how those telemarketer phone scams survived… I couldn’t imagine that anyone would be gullible enough to fall for their schemes. But then you realize, yea… there are obviously people out there that do, or those companies wouldn’t be able to afford to operate.

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