I give up, Mac is horrible

Mac simply is garbage for this game. I have been plagued with problems and there appears to be no solutions. I have a LUA issue on Wrath Classic, it doesn’t appear to a be a fix in sight. My Mac mini won’t won’t even launch Warcraft because the Battle net is asleep. For some weird reason on PRO laptop WOW classic fps dropped, I turned off the V sync to get the rates back up, but now I have screen tearing. I don’t know if its Mac support that blows or blizzard. Either way for those interested keep an eye out on eBay Im selling my computers at a bargain for both.

The LUA issue happened with the phase 3 update two weeks ago when they added the retail settings to classic. Battle.net launcher doesn’t work correctly on Windows or macOS when the computer goes to sleep. Just close out of the launcher and reopen the launcher. For the Mac Pro that has screen tearing enable ProMotion refresh rate in the display properties.

I use an M1 macbook and one of my housemate has an intel macbook. WoW regular works fine for both of us;

…notable, that we set up our BattleNet app to close when it launches a game.

Classic works fine for me (but I play it rarely, so I probably should check, based on your troubles, and see how crashy it has gotten, or if. I use VERY FEW mods at all, as I don’t expect many mod authors to eagerly triplecheck that “pure” Classic Era works when they’re tuning for WrathClassic.

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Also, I don’t use the graphic settings Blizz recommends. I pick a slider marker that is a notch or two below what it “recommends” and then I do the following tune-downs and tune-ups.

shadows. straight to blob. do not need them. Unlike when IRL driving I’ve hardly ever had shadows of things spot that I’m about to risk combat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

liquid. I turn this to the least or second least setting.

ground clutter. straight down to 2. Not 1 - if you do that various decoratives like wagons disappear. Only use that when hunting eggs during Noblegarden.

envvironmental detail. either the same as environmental view distance or 1 notch less.

computational fog. I turn it off. It hasn’t harmed me any.

Anti aliasing. feel free to experiment about whether you even care that it’s on, but I did turn down the isotropic method it’s using by one notch upward in the picklist.

highlight glow. it is very useful to me to spot quest givers, chests, quest ground spawn. It does not seem to have caused any notable heat.

spell pixels usage.
this one might merely be superstition on my part.
It defaults to Dynamic and then has wiggles. I told it Everything on my M1 as I was concerned it trying to make pixel-depth decisions all the time was going to eat CPU that I want for other things.

If this is too harsh for an older box tell it Most and see how it works for you.

double buffering or triple buffering.

Hope this helps.


That’s not only issue with bnet. that’s one that affects both, but the one that’s mac only is Agent sub process is broken and no longer has escalated admin privs which means when it tries to modify files it errors and when it tries to repair permissions it errors. the first has work around, manually granting it full disk access, then it can install/update file, but then it’ll still air when it attempts to read/repair permissions (the step it does after installing/updating). although to be fair, that’s never worked right anyways which has resulted in macOS having the fake patching issue for YEARS now. They must managed to somehow bungle it even more than it already was.

Maybe it is blizzard you should give up on, not Macs

On Macs without WoW files installed, you cannot even download the game. The game people pay monthly for, it simply won’t download. That would be funny if it wasn’t so incompetent. I have cancelled my sub and won’t be coming back any time soon because Blizzard clearly does not care about Mac users.

This is so incredibly frustrating. This is the only game I play, I love classic wow. I have a substantial amount of downtime at work, and I want to play it on my Mac computers. Now I had to go out and buy another freakin laptop. For me it’s more of the aggravation and inconvenience of it all. I wish I was insanely rich I would buy the company then fire all of those lowlifes. Hire people that actually care about the game and the customers.

If you did that, you’d be firing people that actually care about platform. This is not a developer issue. It’s a leadership one. activision doesn’t care about mac and they don’t LET the developers work on it the way that’s needed. In fact the only reason they haven’t outright pulled mac support entirely is because those devs fight hard to keep it and so far the leadership kinda allows it so long as it doesn’t distract them from what they consider real work.

you’ve a right to be cross, but aim it at those responsible. It’s not the CS blues that are answering posts or devs doing coding, it’s leadership one. I’m still very much hoping MS truly does take over. MS is by no means innocent of shady dealings, they literally bought bethesda just to make starfield and elder scrolls 6 xbox/PC exclusive…but their beef is mostly with sony and console war, i actually see them having better mac support than activision since they tend to let sub companies be more autonomous (the way blizzard used to be when the actual blizzard CEO still had any say)


Any idea when that is supposed to happen?

Probably never, with as much resistance the merger is drawing among business regulation agencies and in the courts.

basically only thing standing in way is FTC ruling, which should come any day now. they still have UK too but if FTC passes it, they’ll likely go through it and just pull out of UK until they fall in line. they can afford to do that, they can’t afford the FTC ruling no though. if that happens the deal is dead in water.

If it does go through, I wonder how long it will be before we feel the effects.

What may ultimately sink the deal is precisely what you mentioned before:

At first MS said it wouldn’t make Bethesda games exclusive in order to get the (original Bethesda) deal to go through. Then they changed it to “on a case by case basis”. Now it’s all Bethesda games are going to be exclusive regardless.

Additionally, they just recently reneged on a contract and outright changed it after the fact with regard to Disney’s Indiana Jones game. They killed all of the other platforms outright on that one. Boom, XB/PC exclusive. I have no clue why MS is giving the FTC and the courts so much ammunition to use against them, but it’s quite obvious that they can be trusted as far as a tank can be thrown. Shame, really. I’d like to see games like Horizon brought to XBox while seeing games like Starfield brought to other platforms.

Edit: Looks like it actually went through. Wonder how many kickbacks that took…

Mac Mini M2 Pro
Everything on High. (except for that bug that changes particle density to low).
4k 50% render

FPS locked to 60 and never dips

Sony and Microsoft have made a deal and it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Oh I fully expect them to play hard dirty with sony. It was pointed out today they carefully worded their 10 year agreement to JUST CoD, even clarified specifically that no other games have any such deal and can be pulled from sony platforms at ANY time. Now would they just randomly pull diablo or overwatch, no…but would they keep future content updates away, or at least gate them somehow, absolutely.

However I just don’t see them playing dirty with macOS. I can possibly see them not supporting it any better than blizzard (which isn’t saying much) but I don’t see them making it worse. I do hope with management shakeups though we’ll get leaders that are more proned to listen to the devs at blizzard that want better mac support as well as hopefully better pay/moralle boost. We’ll see

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I have installed fresh on two macs in the past two weeks. No issues whatsover.

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What in the world makes you think it will be any different with Apple? MS has never been interested in playing nice with others, and they’ll most likely prioritize all dev hours to new StarCraft and Warcraft xbox/pc exclusives. How they are even being allowed to buy AB in the first place is just insane to me.

The Battle.net launcher on Mac is not even functional, I have to launch wow and log in manually if I want to actually play on my MacBook Pro.

Not only does the launcher not work, it wont even let me reinstall it, I just get the same error when I try to open the installer that the certificate is invalid.

What an absolute joke.

For a long time now, I’ve had the strong impression that Blizzard developers legit hate this game and its players and are straight up resentfull that they still have to work on it.

it’s opposite. developers love mac and want to work on it, they’re just not allowed to by leadership.

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