I give up.. How the hell do you farm Guild REP?

How do i get guild reputation solo? I’ve never farmed guild rep. I got some exp for a quest i turned in concerning a dragonflight dungeon but that was a quest that i could turn in anywhere (i turned it in while flying). I don’t know what else to do to farm rep. I completed some legion world quests, ran som DF LFG dungeons and the bar isn’t moving.

Solo, the best way is to just do quests. I think they may need to be able to give you experience to count, so low level quests might not work.

Edit: Just to clarify, when I say then need to be able to give experience, it still counts even if your character can’t actually gain XP. (Either being max level or with XP off.) As long as the quest would give full XP if your character could earn it, it counts.

So this means only dragonflight quests. Uggh i wasn’t planning on doing that on my warlock. Alright thank you.