I finally got the leggo!

Sike. evoker is dead to me. this leggo acquisition is such poopoo peepee and even if i got it , it wont matter anyway cause new season soon

im thinking i go back to shaman or disc priest. this dragon is so dumb cant even mog anything


Aw that’s cool, man.

I’m catching up my Druid and Priest with gear right now for 10.2. Especially with how amazing the priest mogs have been this xpac.

Even if there’s no upgrade path, the lego is going to be bis for personal dps probably well into heroic, iirc.

That said, I haven’t gotten it despite a heroic kill every reset so I’ve decided I’m just an enhance main now and I don’t have to care.

I’m hoping they will make it better to get, and upgrade it next patch.

If not, I’m not even going to bother playing next patch due to the time wasted this patch.

And Bob’s your uncle.

Dragons should have gotten the wings.

Guess i’m the only one who doesn’t care about the leggo.

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Stopped doing LFR for my token chance at it like three weeks in. Not nearly powerful or cool enough to stress over.

Oh interesting. Your sole reason for playing this game was to attain this specific legendary? I mean if all this time was “wasted”, that was the only reason you played patch, right?

Yeah it’s an interesting concept.

Would he say that every other class with literally zero chance of a 457 legendary was wasting their time this whole tier as well?

This experience has reminded me of why people didn’t like Legion that much….

Those people didn’t have a weapon that was going to be BiS all next tier, and now BiS until you get lucky to get a weapon from the final boss in heroic / mythic weapons looming over their heads. That is the difference.

Secondly, this issue is the same issue people had in legion with the legendary items, and it did cause issues with players, hence why Blizzard fixed that issue by adding a deterministic way to get them and better RNG being added for the drops.

I play to have fun and progress my character in gear and the raids.

Having something locked behind RNG that is going to last a long time (and will probably be upgradable in s4 similar to the hunter bow in SL) is not fun unless it will last multiple seasons such as earlier versions of legendary items.

I also like to have my time respected when trying to progress to get something.

I do have the legendary now, but it’s still a dumb system that no one should be defending, especially when Blizzard has stated time and time again that they “learned” from the legions legendary mistake.

At least in legion you could get legendaries from any source, and bad-luck protection was introduced early on.

I still remember getting my first leggo from completing the emissary in Val’sharah.

Not really…you had “A Lot” of possible Lego Drops…when you really only wanted 2 or 3. And the Ring was Desired above all others. My First Lego Drop on my Lock was the Portal Pants…I did not feel very Legendary. Didnt see another Lego drop for quite some time, but i don’t remember the second one being any better. So the only real “Bad Luck” protection was when they enabled the legos to be bought from a Vendor. Which wasn’t early on I believe.

Those Demon Hunters that weren’t Lucky enough to get the ring to Drop probably felt the same way Evokers without the Gem. At least Evokers know exactly how to get what you want to drop…legion there wasn’t that kind of path.