I don't play Shadowlands in eons, how do I get the Legendary belt?

Hey, so, I picked my Covenant, Maldraxxus. And I need to open Zereth Mortis to buy the legendary belt (Cinch of Unity). How does one unlocks Zereth? Thank you. I didn’t play much Shadowlands, I just avoided that…

You’ll need to do the first couple of chapters of the Covenant Campaign to get access to Korthia. Then, after the first couple chapters of Chains of Domination campaign, you should get access to the Zereth Mortis starting quests. (You don’t have to progress all that far in ether of the two pre-req campaigns before it lets you “skip” on to the next step.)

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Thanks Udiza. When do I know that it is ‘the right time’ to unlock ZM? Will it pop up a quest?

I think they should pop up. (I haven’t tried it recently, so I don’t know if anything changed.)

The quest to start Korthia is The First Move, and the quest to start Zereth Mortis is Call of the Primus.

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