I don't know why this is happening

So myself and my partner starting playing the Dragonflight expansion, we both created a Dracthyr. But for some reason once we got to the second area in the Dragon Isles we started getting different quests, and I’m unlocking factions and getting renown faster then my partner. I was wondering if anyone knows why this is happening.

We are both returning players and this is our first time going through Dragonflight.

Your renown gains faster for alts once you reach level 20. Not sure about the quests, but once you complete the campaign on one character your alts can get a skip on certain quest chains. Also you can chose certain zones to quest in, ala a scout map. I’m not sure though if your friend is brand new, but that could be a reason.


Maybe you believe that OP is playing a new alt in a veteran account and their partner has a new account, which would explain the disparity in leveling? Good theory, I guess. But the difference in reported leveling behavior is hard to explain.

I’m thinking the renown is faster due to the word of a worthy ally being active from level 10 renown. Considering they have the account wide achievement for level 15 renown with at least the main 4 factions. I did not note a levelling discrepancy, just a different rate of renown, and them getting different quests.

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Seeing that we are both new to the Dragon Isles, and are both returning players. Neither one of us are “veteran” players, also I’m still unsure how I’m basically instantly unlocking the factions on the Dragon Isles.