I don't know what else to do

I have only come back to the game after a three month break. Was excited to get back into making friends and what not. Things have been going quite well until yesterday, 6/24…

I met this person randomly who then /kissed my character, I assumed it was friendly so I reacted to a /blush. The first red flag hit when they practically ordered me to /kiss them back. My brain instantly thought to myself, well then… that is awkward but I probably won’t see this person again. So I did, trying to make friends right?

Now, I understand some text can come off completely wrong, so I tossed the red flag to the side in hopes to not offend anyone. My mistake.

They soon start adding me to real ID, which again, after a three year break I’m still trying to remember all of what is going on. Anywhoozies!

They add me, I react by ‘oh shiny button’ and accept. To my demise, I realize my bad. But I can just ignore them later after this awkward moment has passed.

During this, they are trying to convince me that I NEED to RP with them, and not just RP, but to ERP with them. They are telling me that they are superior and I should just agree with them and let them control me. I stop replying after a while, and I do in fact remove this person from my real ID, and then place their character on an ignore.

I log out, because at this point, I am completely unaware of how I’m supposed to feel and feel like that ignore should be enough to stop such conversations from this person happening again.

I would be wrong. They sent me an in game mail, it kept hovering over my mini map and wouldn’t go away because he was on ignore, so I unignored his character to get rid of the mail. Again, a major mistake. It told me how much of a coward I was to place them on an ignore and how I never let them say their peace.

Please note Blizzard : Yes I have full screenshots of this entire interaction, from the very beginning to now.

This mail prompts me to report them, assuming that the report would put them back onto the ignore list. I assumed it worked, because that is how I remember it working. Which I am now made aware that is in fact NOT how it worked.

That was the end of it, I had hoped… but early this morning 6/25 around 8 AM EST, a character tries to invite me to a party, in which they are unable to due to me being in a party with another person at the time…

This person then assumes that I am now in a group, in a random location and erping with someone. Assumes, which is not even the case. At this point, I try and defend myself, which yes. I have screenshots, Blizzard. The conversation continues for about twenty minutes, I’m not only trying to now report this character, but I’m also trying to collect my own thoughts because this conversation…

To put this interaction the best way that I can. Is this person is now demanding that I am not allowed to RP with any other male character, that I am not allowed to do anything that his ‘apology’ NEEDS to be accepted and that if things don’t go his way then he will make sure I’m not happy. When I then announce to this person that he is going to be reported to Blizzard, they absolutely freak out on me. Saying ‘I WILL NOT’ report them and that they do NOT want another suspension.

Blizzard… another… suspension? another … suspension. This person has clearly not learned from their other suspension. I may not even be the only person that this has happened to. If this person is willing to do this within an HOUR of meeting a person. How many other people are now going to have to suffer through what I did?

I just came back from a 3 year break, I’m not even a week in of being back. And this? I JUST paid for the expac, JUST boosted this character that is now being harassed, I don’t even want to be on her anymore. I don’t feel safe, or comfortable because this person changed characters, to get around the ignoring, IN WHICH… I clearly thought I had them ignored, due to the ‘report’ taking all contact away.

I have only shown a select few people these screenshots, because I needed moral support to actually step out and bring this to the public. Since I’ve reported this person twice, they have used two different characters to contact me. Now what do I do? They know my character and I don’t even want to be on this character I just spent 100$ on…

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As you are hopefully aware now, that option places the person on a temporary ignore and submits a report of a possible violation of our Code of Conduct to be looked into by our staff. The ignore only lasts for that particular gaming session.

I don’t know this player’s history, nor would I be able to provide details if I did. That said, yes, it is likely that they may have a history on their account of violating our Code of Conduct.

If they are found to have violated policy we try to educate players that such behavior is not appropriate and they need to abide by our policies going forward. To that end, we usually provide an initial warning which can quickly evolve into a suspension from the game, with increasing lengths of time, which may result in the permanent closure of the account.

I’m sorry that you had such an encounter, Olevea. I would encourage you to use the tools you have available. Place the person on ignore, do not take them off of it, do not engage with them. If they try to circumvent the ignore and contact you, especially if they speak inappropriately to you, please report it as Ongoing Harassment.


I have filed an on-going harassment report, because once again. I was on my character and they targeted me again. This time I didn’t speak back, instead I just stopped playing the character I just spent money on. Now I sit here, almost 24 hours AFTER filing the report wondering if I literally just spent money for nothing.

I used the product I spent money on, which means I won’t be seeing a refund. I understand this, I’m not asking for a refund, but I am asking that things like this are taken care of in a better way.

This is a video game, that people spend real money to play. We are supposed to feel safe in this game, and the fact that all I get is ‘use what is given to you’ as an answer I’m not satisfied with. I’m sorry, but this person knows my character, my guild, and all the details THEY need to continue the harassment. All I can do? Is either right off the money spent as a sheer loss and move on, or continue to worry when the next time this person is going to contact me because nothing is being done about it.

I understand ticket demands are high, that there aren’t enough people to work on them, but something flagged in such a way should be held at higher standards. That is just my personal opinion.

Low and behold? A guild mate ran into this person as well, not directly but got to witness them harassing IN PUBLIC another person. So please, take your time. Allow this toxic behavior to continue.

They shouldn’t have been able to message you if you have them on ignore. Their entire account should be ignored. If they bypassed that, then they will, without a doubt, receive some sort of account action.

Understand that tickets are handled.in the order their recieved for the most part.

Just keep placing them on ignore and opening an additional ticket each time they bypass the ignore. They’ll quickly find their account actioned for a long period of time or even closed if they don’t stop.


Sorry, you are going through this. You have to understand that ignoring the person is the best way to stop the behavior. Responding in any way when someone does something you don’t like just makes them want to continue to bother you.

They will be dealt with but not instantaneously as you want. I do understand your frustration but once you ignore them it should ignore their whole account so you don’t see anything they type at you. Once you ignore them and they circumvent that ignore by using another character to contact you then you put in a ticket for ongoing harassment.

Hopefully, you placed them on ignore that way Blizzard knows you did not want them to contact you again. This takes time as they need to investigate everything. Good luck to you and just continue playing while ignoring the person.

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If you have not had a chance, you need to read the ongoing harassment thread. It explains how Blizz deals with that, how to protect yourself, how to document it, and how to report it.

What you are experiencing is not acceptable. I am sorry you are going through that.


Just keep in mind. Any communication, talking back/arguing to the other person is considered a conversation, not harassment. If they were able to talk to you in game again it was because you either did not put them on ignore, or they have bypassed the block. In the case of the former, put them on ignore, DO NOT engage with them in any way. In the latter, submit a ticket for ongoing harassment.

If they are not talking to you but are hunting you down and camping your corpse, killing your quest mobs, or otherwise being annoying in game, theres not much to be done about that, pvp happens on pvp servers. There are pvp solutions to in game issues like that. But the actual typed contact, thats something you can action but you must put them on ignore first. In terms of them finding who your toons are, either someone is telling them or they are getting information from things like your pet collection, raider io info or some other account info.


I just wanted to toss in here, although according to your achievements you’ve been playing the game for a very long time and you probably know this, but when people say “ignore” the person contacting you they don’t mean just log out or try and pretend they’re not contacting you. They mean to right-click the person’s name and pick “Ignore” from the drop-down menu. That will stop them from being able to send you messages or mail from any of the characters on their account.

Or, in a pinch, write out /ignore (their character name) in your chat window if they haven’t said anything to you recently.


Guess what guys? I was the one that got suspended…

I still have no idea what I did to deserve the suspension but it was me, the harassed that got suspended.

Just wait the 3 days. Yeah I could, but what justice does that bring?

Violation: Disruptive Gameplay That was what I did? From my understanding, this means I was trolling. Disrupting game play? I log in, do a few dungeons/pvp silently, I rp in a rather friendly manner and only when I have permission from the player to RP with them. How is that disrupting?

This is me posting on my other account that I used to have subbed to.

A few things I do wish to address through all of this is yes I used to play a lot, for over a decade and decided I was finished playing this game roughly 3 years ago. So yes I have tons of achievements, I have many items and reasons that clearly show I’ve played this game before.

But the Btag was still fairly new, everything was still fairly new when I left, so the knowledge of ignoring one character and it ignoring the rest of their account was new to me. I never had to fully ignore a person before until this. So this whole situation is new to me, which is the main reason I followed my friends advice in making this a post on the forums. I don’t usually stick up for myself, but this.

I never knew that a filed complaint about being harassed would lead me to being suspended, I reached out for help. Isn’t that what we are all taught to do? Reach out for help?

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Then apeal but just a word of warning the blues can shed some light on what was said and sometimes people arent as innocent as they come off as. Still apeal the action.


You should have instructions on how to appeal the suspension. I have seen, before, when the circumstances are a complicated he-said, she-said tangle, where at least one or two people have gotten account actions in error because the GM was confused by the complicated chain of events. But, also, keep these things in mind:

  • An account action against you could be from something that happened a while back, it might not be related
  • If you said anything back to the person harassing you at all and continued to engage with them in ways that broke the ToS you can also get an account action, that’s why it’s so important to put the person on ignore and report any further contact attempts as ongoing harassment
  • “Disruptive Gameplay” is often the category used when there’s disallowed material in your TRP

I do understand that Blizzard can see everything that has been said and I fully hope they do.

Jalanili, this is a completely different matter and I’m not even sure what this means so I am going to ask! The material in the TRP, I assume that is more ‘adult content’ etc, I really hope I don’t get in trouble for asking, but all of my TRPs are mainly just names no cussing, nothing bad at all. History is usually not filled out because I don’t have a story for them, not this soon coming back into the game.

Also, a much to late note, I noticed in my absolute original post I put 3 months, when I meant 3 years, I realized that mistake reading through this again. I was just really upset at that time and didn’t realize my horrid typo.

I want to be able to enjoy this game, and I’d rather not have this situation happen again I can’t imagine anything in my TRP being disruptive at all if I’m being honest.

Try to log in Alvaerely.

Your ticket should be being worked on as we speak.

Thank you for opening that - that’s what our appeal process is for. I do apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you.


There was a situation here a couple weeks ago where the person doing the reporting via the RP tool, ended up suspended for what the perpetrator did. Apparently the way it reports is a bit different and on occasion GMs have gotten it backwards. It is uncommon enough our veteran Forum Support Agents were not familiar with it, and learned on the fly.

From what Orlyia has said, that would be my best guess as to what happened.

Here are some posts from that thread