I don't agree with the Community Council structure and I opted to not read people with golden texts

You’re right, I don’t see the problem. Chiefly because you and I are allowed to be discussing it here, right now, for all to see.

The CC is more of a filter, but some folks (like you, apparently) seem to see it as an exclusion instead.

Guess what the purpose of a filter is?


Just people like everyone else. No more important an opinion as anyone else’s. I detest these type of ‘favored poster’ crap on forums. It is always detrimental.


I’ve been off the forum for some time. This place was pretty toxic. Anyone care to give me a TL;DR of what the Community place is and what Gold Text means?

I value everyone’s opinions… until I don’t. I have no issues with CC members, they’re usually very thoughtful and make good points. I don’t see it as a big deal personally.

Besides, green looks better than gold and blue is better yet.

The Community Council were a select few people who were chosen by Blizzard to convey the concerns of the community and add suggestions based on those concerns to devs themselves. Devs go out of their way to interact with CC members in an attempt to foster communication with the community as a whole.

This was my take, but who knows.

Welcome to the WoW Community Council - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

To be fair, I can understand.

I didn’t apply to the Council. I felt I didn’t have enough time to do it right, and that others who are more involved in the community might use the slot better. I was open minded, I had a smidge of respect for what the Council could be - and I am kind of a hermit. So, I figured the more social types would be better for it.

However, this was before they announced that the Council Members would have special Gold lettering. They didn’t announce that until they already sent out invites.

Had they mentioned that Council Members would have Gold lettering… I might have applied, just for a chance at the Gold lettering. I think it is pretty, and it matches the brown background of the forum well.

Though I wonder if that will change with Dragonflight.

Oh, I hate it, thanks!

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probably wont be doing that anymore though, since Musk bought out Twitter, and the California types hate that guy.

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I got a laugh out of this either way.

But, the CC is a good thing, and Blizzard are going out of their way to try and listen to feedback. So I support this.

i like golden more than green i guess. theres that :slight_smile:

i read them

I guess, it just looks like an organized way to ignore the vast majority of the playerbase by upholding a few people who simply shouted the loudest.

EDIT: Though I will admit that’s only an opinion based on next to zero information other than the blue post linked above and everything I’ve read in the last ~10 minutes. So my samplesize is pretty crap.

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What are you talking about? I have yet to see anyone organizing some sort of mass reporting exercise. I know there is some drama around some discords, but I think only one person is in those? or maybe was in the past? Not sure. I don’t use those.

If someone is falsely reporting they are going to get in trouble - esp someone with high visibility.

The only time I will suggest reporting someone is if they are breaking the code of conduct. Rather than get into an argument, report and move on.

Nobody on the CC has done either one of those things. I have never seen anyone post real life information of anyone. Maizou has referenced being doxed themselves, and refrained from saying who because it would involved a twitter account with real life info. They did not post it.

These kind of accusations come off as witch hunts.

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When there are dozens of people coming off of a 30 day forum posting ban all around the same time on innocuous posts disagreeing with one specific member of the CC, like saying they have had a bad take or that their ideas just wouldn’t work for this game…well there’s your sign.

And no, it’s not you, so far you seem to be the only CC member to take the position seriously.

Blizzard should change everyone’s white text to brown. Best April fools joke ever. No one will be able to see the text, bahaha.

I know that’s how it can look, but when there are already a lot of people shouting, what you need are clear heads and voices to make articulated points.

I suggest just interacting with them like people, because that’s what they are at the end of the day. Most of their posts in GD are just jokes and having fun or trying to address peoples concerns.

We’ve seen multiple examples of Paladins pulling power from things other than the Light - Tauren pull it from An’she, and Zandalari pull it from the Loa.


This point of Maizou makes sense regarding making case for void elf and forsaken paladins

So all these people know each other and compared forum penalties? Also, they got 30 days? That is a penalty that usually means they have had many previous suspensions. It starts at one day usually - unless it is something really bad.

You know, you make it sound like a group of people targeted a post/poster they did not like then got a vacation for it. I obviously can’t check into it though. I have no access to the account histories of anyone and Blizz would never share account info.

I don’t know which post or idea they were responding to. Disagreement is fine. Encouraged even. It needs to be non-personal though. Debate the idea not the human. Too often people wander into hyperbole and personal attacks instead of sticking to the topic at hand.

Constructive feedback, like the mini discussion in this thread about leveling and what would make it more rewarding, are useful. Different ideas but presented respectfully.

Mm I understand. I am just looking at this from the perspective of someone who has lead some pretty massive Internet communities for over a decade. Any time you raise someones’ status above others it’ll cause animosity in the community.

There’s no way around that. Even if it’s done with the best of intentions, and that’s when there’s zero actual benefit to the status given.

In this case, there IS a benefit to the additional status. These people are purported to speak for other players, yet they weren’t elected by the players. It sets dangerous precedence, while at the same time devaluing the contributions of the average poster.

I speak as the top mod of a subreddit with over 2 million subscribers and a player since vanilla.

Anshe is literally the sun.

The LoA of kings uses light magic similar to naaru, he can grant light powers similarly to how alliance paladins do, through a ritual with light users.

No. No she don’t.

And secondly class skins is no excuse for making a class available, that is going against the spirit of why the concept was created in the first place.

the existence of the community council is flawed

its not gonna take too much effort to allow everyone to post and moderate it properly

its useless if rando people are handpicked specially