I can't transmog my druid legion colors anymore

I’m wondering why I can not transmog my druids legion artifact colors anymore. It looks like the only one that it will set it to is the base look no mater which one i select artifact or color. It takes the gold though.

Just a couple of questions to ascertain what transmog options you are attempting to use.

  1. Are you attempting to change a shift form for Feral or Guardian? That is done at the Barber Shop now.

  2. You mention Artifact of color … so you are right-clicking the base options shown in order to reveal the additional options, correct?

  3. Do you have any Covenant armor on that Druid? If so, does the armor belong to a different Covenant than the Druid’s current one (as in you switched Covenants)?

  4. Does the Druid have on any cloth pieces of armor that would prevent a transmog from taking as that is not the correct armor class and thus unable to work?

Yea my guardian form. Thank you I didnt know that changed


You’re welcome.

You can change all Druid shift forms in the Barber Shop now.

Link: Choose Your Druid Shapeshift Appearances in the Barber Shop