I Can't Seem to Transmog My Dagger to a Mace?

My favourite set for my Priest is Merciless Gladiator, Season 2.

I have everything for it but I can’t seem to figure out a problem I’m having. I cannot transmog the “Sinful Aspirant’s Crescent” (a dagger) into the “Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel” (a mace).

When I try to pick a new weapon, my only options in the dropdown menu are “Daggers” or “Legion Artifacts.”

I had the gavel in S2. I have it in my bags right now. I just don’t know why I can’t switch it. Similar issue with “Sinful Aspirant’s Orb” - I can’t change it to Merciless Gladiator’s Endgame. Both are offhands.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible and I wasted a bunch of honor on ugly items?

If I’m not mistaken, daggers cannot be transmogrified to look like any other weapon type. Same holds true for fist weapons, wands, shields, and off-hand items. If you want to transmog a weapon with a 1H mace appearance, it will have to be a 1H mace, axe, sword or warglaive.

Don’t know about your offhands, seems like that should work.

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Fist weapons are now included in the 1h mace, 1h axe, 1h sword, warglaive category, but daggers are their own thing. Wands can be transmogged into daggers and 1 hand weapons. Confused yet?

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Pfft. This is awful. Wtf lol. Makes 0 sense.


i have been begging for ages for daggers to be unlocked for mog. i hate that i cant mix around my rogue weapons. im only allowed daggers. when they allowed wands to all of a sudden mog to dags but still lock rogues out it was infuriating.

they really need to unlock them.

It had been infuriating to me for years that daggers can only be mogged to appear as daggers. At first, I had thought it was because I was trying to mog my assassination rogue’s off hand weapon to look like a fist weapon, and assassination rogues are restricted to using daggers, but then I tried to mog a dagger on a mage, a class that allows for other one handed weapons, and saw that they have required daggers to “only” appear as daggers.

I don’t understand the logic behind this. In the case of the assassination rogue, you can suggest it is because said rogues are supposed to be sneaky, and they need weapons that are easily concealable, but one need only look at all of the dagger appearances in this game, many of them are huge and look like swords, entirely UNconcealable and look to be about the size of the character’s fibula, (even bigger if you are a Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Vulpera, etc) to see how that excuse doesn’t hold any water…