I can't get the hang of dragonflying

I know, I know, get renoun for regular flying But I have to dragonfly alot to get renoun. Makes no sense. I can’t do it, I have reasons why. Please Blizzard make this easier for us old folks. Nasty responses need not reply. Thank you


What specifically are you having troubles with? Perhaps we can give you some tips

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Just staying in the air. All I do is run into things lol. My hands don’t work well on maneuvering. It’s a physical problem and not having the ability to hover to rest my hands for a minute is tough. Guess I’ll just go to wrath until or if they remove this. I don’t get why we shouldn’t have a choice. It should be renoun to dragonfly not the other way around.

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Do you have all the glyphs for the added dragon skills / perks?

If you don’t, I would collect those. Then I would wait for full vigor.

Point your camera straight up, and use all your vigor to go up straight as far as you can, which should get you pretty high. Then you should be able to glide with your camera pointed slightly downward, gaining more vigor as you go, allowing you to glide for a long ways and not needing to maneuver much at all.

Obviously it’s still going to be a little bit harder than regular flying, but still doable. Whenever you need to rest, just wait for your vigor to recharge, and then go again.

It really makes a difference if you have all the glyphs or not.


You don’t need reknown for regular flying. You just need to explore all the zones (including the newest one) and have finished dragonflight’s story.


I just returned and don’t have a clue as to dragon flight (gone for 4 years). Reading this makes me think it is a hamster wheel.


Thank you for your help. I’ll try that.
@Aldoris Really? What is the dragonflight story? Or how can I find out where to get this info?

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I think there is an option to use Original mount flying in the menu. I’m at work so can not check. But I’m almost positive it is in there. Open options, type in the search bar in upper right hand corner “flying” or “flight” or “mount”.

This option has to be unlocked by doing all a whole lot of Dragonflight content, some of which requires Dragonriding. Which was what the OP was lamenting in their first post.


You might need to do some dragonflying to finish the exploration components.

But https://www.wowhead.com/guide/flying-dragon-isles-pathfinder is how you unlock flying on regular mounts in dragonflight zones.

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I don’t have advice, but I haven’t tried dragonflying yet since I only own SL still and can’t wait to see how different it really is; the number of accessibility options for it makes it sound intense.

Most people will be doing TWW while I’ll be just getting introduced to dragonflying :stuck_out_tongue:


uh…if you can’t maneuver, how do you ‘get’ the glyphs? I’d say I’m asking for a friend but literally I’ve been trying this and failing, even dying occasionally as I try. What little I’m actually able to do with DF I like, but normal flight to get to a high point for launch would be a huge help…and telling me to DF here and there when I have my own physical issues doing it…well…honestly not a ton of help.

I didn’t have any problem getting the glyphs myself, but a friend did.

You can ride in a party with a friend doing the flying. That’s one possible solution.

Another is to head for the easiest glyphs first, and apply them as you go, so that your Dragonriding capabilities increase as you tackle the harder ones. Several are very easy; I remember a couple being in the tops of towers, so once you get there, you can actually walk through them.

The one I would definitely leave for last is the one on top of the tallest peak in Thaldraszus. I remember having to wait to recharge twice on the way up. :slight_smile:

I unlocked regular flying mostly from the ground. (There were some times where dragonriding was necessary, but generally just short hops.) I was then able to collect the glyphs using regular flight. (I was on a druid using flight form, but I’d be very surprised if it didn’t work with regular mounts as you just fly through them.)

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It’s funny weird, because on some my toons I get vertigo, but on others I’m fine with it.

I think a big frustration for me is that when considering the accessibility of dragonriding, they’ve laser focused on motion sickness. That’s important, but it’s far from the only accessibility issue with dragonriding. I’ve got visual processing issues, so I run into sensory overload issues trying to maneuver around obstacles at high speed. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that doing it requires rest afterwards, which isn’t exactly great for my gameplay experience.

The difference between dragonriding with the glyphs and without was huge for me, as I can mostly spam skyward ascent to get above obstacles and then aim just downward enough to trigger vigor regen and use skyward ascent as needed to maintain height. You need most of the glyphs for that method to work resonable well.

So, it’s frustrating that they gatekeep actually unlocking proper dragonriding behind getting the glyphs. If I couldn’t have done it with regular flying, I just probably just wouldn’t have done it and never would have given dragonriding a second try as having to log off for an hour or so to rest after collecting a glyph or two would have been miserable. For someone with physical limitations creating dragonriding accessibility issues, even that might not be possible. (But basic point A to point B dragonriding with all the glyphs might be for possible for such people if maneuvering obstacles closer to the ground was the primary problem as it was for me.)

  1. Get HandyNotes + HandyNotes Dragonflight to put the Glyph locations on your map
  2. Get a Dragonriding WeakAura. They’re much better at indicating when you’re going fast enough to generate charges than the default UI. I personally use https://wago.io/nFopWlIoQ
  3. Entirely optional but Talent Tree Tweaks will automatically apply your glyph points for all characters so you don’t need to think about it. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/talent-tree-tweaks
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