I cant fight any pet tamers

So I cant seem to fight any pet tamers with the exception of ones in BFA zones. I cant fight the first one in elwynn forest or any after them. Does anyone know why this might be?

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It’s been a long time since I unlocked them, but don’t the Eastern Kingdom trainers need to be fought in order using an alliance character and the same for the Kalimdor trainers but only with an horde alt.

Once the dailies are opened each continent is still faction locked except for the two final trainers, the ghost near Kara and the goblin in Winterspring which can be done by either side.

After you beat the final two, there’s a quest to move on to Outland and after completing those you’ll get a quest to move on to Northrend and so on down the line.

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I’m having a similar problem. My achievement log shows I’ve completed the first six EK tamers.

I should have gotten the Battle Pet Tamers EK quest to unlock the rest of the trainers, but I’ve returned to each of those first six trainers, Burnhep in SW, each of the next five and the grand master, Lydia, and none of them have quests or will allow me to battle. I’ve spent so much time puzzling through this… is the quest chain broken?

I’ve googled this extensively, but can’t find an answer. Any help would be great.

PS: Bert in Gnomeregan and Draenor trainers appear to be working giving dailies, but that’s all I’ve tested.

I should also say, I’m coming back to WoW after 13 years (which is why I failed to realize my rando alt posted my first post lol), but I’m pretty sure pets were introduced after I stopped playing in early BC.

So I don’t think any long hiatus with interlude patches could have caused the problem. I also checked Outlands and couldn’t find any quests or trainers willing to battle me, though I wasn’t as thorough as in EK.

Welcome back, Vallador. It sounds like you need to start from the beginning, with Audrey Burnhep outside the Dwarven District in Stormwind. She will “teach” you to pet battle and send you to the first tamer. Each tamer will send you to the next in line.

Which sounds like your problem, Alasdair. You may have stopped with Steven LIsbane in Northern Stranglethorn. If you go and speak to him he should send you to Bill Buckler in the Cape of Stranglethorn. He won’t have a quest marker, so you just open a conversation with him. If this doesn’t work, then I’m not sure where the problem might be. Unless you have done some pet quests as a horde? I’ve read that cross faction questing can cause glitches with achievement completion, so maybe logging onto a horde character, then back to alliance might correct the problem. If not, a bug report might be your best bet.

Hope this helps you both.


Thanks for the help. I was super unclear in my posts, I’m afraid ><! I’m both Vall and Alasdair (didn’t mean to post with the alt as avatar). No horde toons, so that shouldn’t cause any glitches.

I thought I may have stopped somewhere along the way too. I went back and talked to each of the trainers listed in the achievements (Julia through Bill are complete fwiw) and Audrey Burnhep at least twice. Only dialogue option for EK tamers is something to the effect of “tell me more about yourself.” No choice to battle even if they give a word bubble about challenging as I approach. Audrey’s “teach skill” pane has nothing in it and the other option is trading upgrade stone types.

Guess I’ll try a bug report today. Thanks!

It’s possible you’ll need to do the intro trainers in Kalimdor on a horde alt before the quest to finish the Eastern Kingdoms trainers pops up in Stormwind.

I do remember making a goblin, to firstly get their racial pet and then needing to do some of the quests horde side to keep everything going.

Thanks. I’ll try that too.

For my problem, at least. Hopefully this helps at least one other person, but I have no idea how the quests are programmed, lol.

I logged into an alt, lv 49 human lock, and happened to notice Audrey Burnhep in SW had the “Battle Pet Tamers: EK/K” quests available as well as “What we’ve been training for.” I had previously defeated the first six tamers on my main. I took the quests on the alt and they are account-wide. Logged back in on my main and have been able to fight the EK tamers that follow Bill.

No idea how or why that worked. Hope this helps.



My spouse was also having this issue. Logging on a lower level character (level 79) opened up the quest, which the higher level characters were able to run. Thank you for posting the solution.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! I was going bonkers trying to battle tamers with my current ‘main’, which happens to be a boosted human hunter. Noone would play with him! This is the fix I’ve been searching for. I too am a recent return-player. WoW is my consolation for staying home a LOT…

PS - I’m sure it’s old-hat to you guys, but on my boosted character I was also stymied in a lot of quest-chains until I turned on ‘show low level quests’. People I could usually just talk to, but object-based quests with no marker were killing me!

i am experiencing the same issue you did, but i do not have any other character in my account, is there any other possible way to unlock the quests again? , i went back and talk with all the pet tamers through kalimdor and eastern kingdoms and the only one who reacts to me is trixxie, i think it is because i had already unlocked her dailies previous to this issue, but other than her i dont get any response to fight from any other tamer plus Aubrey is not giving any quests in SW =(

Think i will have to create a new character to see if i can fix this this way, just one question…
Did you take the quest with your lower level character and then logged in to complete it with the high level one? or did you completed it with the low level one which unlocked it again for your main?

Running into this problem right now myself. I’ll try logging into and alt and see if the quest is available.

I can’t seem to start any of them. Have done none of them ever. Can’t even do Julia Stevens

Fixed! Accept the quest you need on a lower level character.

How did you mange to do it? i already visited her with my lower level character and she is still not offering any quest at all D=

Having the exact same issue – I don’t believe I’ve ever had the quest and trying to start the quest chain on a lower level character did not work as well. I may try making a horde character and starting the quest chain that way but I don’t want to keep making new characters just to have this thing not work.