I Came, I Plundered, I Got Blowed Up

I stuck to my plan of five hours per day, one level per hour to get Glamrock. Now all I need is a month of physical therapy to deal with the trauma of pushing buttons that long. I might be semi-psychotic as well.

I don’t know how the twitch streamers do it-one of the players I watched was already into eight hours by the time I got there.

Have the designers forgotten that people who don’t work for B.E. probably aren’t video game makers, that we have jobs in other fields, like banking, so we can’t play Warcraft all day and still get paid?

And I whined about Armored Vaultbot being hard to farm…

Who is Plunderstorm for? Everyone who was speaking English in the waiting area were always saying how it sucked. Forty levels was an insane thing to grind. Thirty levels is dehumanizingly brutal. The last three levels were very difficult because other players were getting hyper aggressive and pretty much killing me the instant I landed.

Fathom and Glamrock look like the same critter, different colors, so if you don’t want to risk a mental/physical breakdown, watch some twitch if you want a crab wearing a crown.

I hope an event like this never happens again.


You did it in week 1 there’s still 5 more weeks of the event, idk why you pushed yourself this hard.

Congratulations! You are free! FREEEEEEEE!!

I’m at 20. My God, it’s horrible. :nauseated_face:

I hate my own weakness for feeling obliged to feed their metrics.

I do have a routine now though, so I can get through two or three games at a session. I’ll definitely get the third pet. Maybe I’ll finish it.

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I looked at the grind, assessed my less than 20 seconds of survival in the first match I tried, and decided firmly that I had enough discipline to walk away.

And I feel

so very good.


There’s no official end date, only speculative ones, ranging from early April to late May. I concluded that Plunderstorm most likely ends around April 6th, when the twitch drop ends.

Still doesn’t change my point.

+100 points for the Ernest reference in the title


Most are saying Plunderstorm will be up for 6 weeks and end just as the next new patch is coming which is being tested now…

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Are any of the “most” actual Blizzard employees, or is this just another case of “people are saying”?

AFAIK, the duration of the event is completely unknown.

It’s for the bean counters

They needed to goose the MAUs with DF coming to a close

So they pondered and thought, what can we do?

They created an easily recognizable template for a game
Added some pets for pet collectors
Mounts for mount collectors
3 different transmog sets for the fashion crowd
A “hidden” feat of strength for completionists
Then they wrapped it all in a PVP mode to draw in the “playa killa” crowd

It’s kind of like a political campaign where they try to appeal to as many different interest groups as they can before they all realize it’s a big nothingburger

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