I bet you can't make a friendly forum

Yeah I try to come here to see what other people say about certain things or about how they feel about the current way the game feels in pvp or the rewards, and its all about people being so mean It makes me not want to even read anymore so I dare you to make a forum where no one is mean, which is impossible so why even have these forums how do you sift through all the bad talk im sick of it kinda even sick to see people attempting to combat issues because honestly there are too many butts here.

Are you talking about the General Discussion forums or the Shu’halo/Eitrigg forums? The General Discussion forums are a pit, and they’ve always been that way. They’ve always been negative about the game.

If you mean the Shu’halo forums; however… then I’m not sure what you mean. Not many people post here anymore. Now, if you were talking about the Shu’halo forum in 2012/2013, then that’s a different story. That forum was fun.