I am looking for an official interpretation of the TOS on the usage of hardware macros to avoid RSI

To put it simply, anything used to automate via hardware or software is against the rules and will get you actioned. Macros must be setup and used within the game system. Remember blizzard banned automation for a reason. FYI the warden will detect such software or hardware and alert blizzard

Hmm, I thought you can use hardware but must follow the same in-game macro functionality - ie, if it can’t be done via the in-game macro system, don’t use it.

I’m pretty sure a hardware macro could easily get you in trouble. However, if I’m understanding right that part of the problem is portions of your rotation where you need to use the same ability over and over, a new option was just induced to the official in-game options menu that allows you to press and hold a keybind in order to cast the spell or ability bound to it over and over as long as you’re holding down the key.

That doesn’t help with chains of abilities, but I hope it’s something that can grant at least some improvement. In the morning I can give clearer directions about where it is if you think it might be helpful but have trouble finding it.


Oh nice pick up!

Options - Gameplay - Combat, select “Press and Hold Casting”


I’ll look for the support article but I thought hardware was added to the automation list

Thanks for that, however that feature does not exist in classic. It would solve my problem if it were.

Good to know if I decide to try retail this expansion though.

You could be right.

I might have wires crossed thinking about just using keyboard/mouse programmable keys for keybinding to in-game macro (thus avoiding the hardware macro programming itself).

I somehow totally missed that you were in Classic. My apologies, and I hope there’s another option I don’t know of that’s safe to implement.

No apologies necessary, you may have just persuaded me to try retail again soon.

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I think this is the right article. I apologize if it’s not.

That article addresses input broadcasting, sending commands to multiple clients with a single input (keystroke). OP is asking about being able to send multiple commands to a single client with a single input.

Since the in-game option is not there for classic, then it would still be against the rules of 1 keypress per action. During WotLK original, a friend of mine was banned for using a Logitech keyboard to be able to hold a key down and it continue acting.

The concept is still the same one keystroke per one action.

the safest move is to create a macro to do what you want and uses your pc’s abilities to execute the macro.

if it can’t be done by a macro, assume it can’t be done by your pc.

it’s similar i guess but that ban is specifically talking about multiboxing and doesn’t apply here. you can use hardware macros so long as they don’t do anything in-game macros can’t do.

I think there is a restriction on it. At present it can only be used on spells from your spell book, not on macros.

I don’t think this permits you to do the same with an external program. Meaning you can use the in-game functionality but not do continuous press using a keyboard program and macro system. I think Blizzard wants control over how it is used and operates in-game.

I thought the same thing, but it doesn’t work that way. It is for the dragon breath ability that has 4 power levels. You can either press and hold, then let go at the desired setting.
Or you can tap to start it, then tap when it is at the desired setting.

It isn’t to rapid fire a spell.

I think you might be talking about the “Empowered Spell Input” setting, which can apparently be found in both Options > Accessibility > General and Options > Gameplay > Combat. That was what I found first when I was looking for the option I mentioned.

The option I mentioned is a checkbox called “Press and Hold Casting,” which is in Options > Gameplay > Combat, down near the bottom.

I think Rufflebottom may be right that it doesn’t work with macros, but I haven’t tested that.

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This feature definitely does not exist in classic. Maybe they’ll add it soon.

I think it would be a reasonable thing to suggest for Classic, either on the Classic general forum or through the in-game suggestion box. Seems like a fair accessibility change to me.