I am late to the party but Warfronts are fun, at least imho


Yep. It happens

(Stompypotato) #18

Wow. I want to see that now. I wonder if I can talk the other 19 people to letting it happen.

(Tentaclatrix) #19

It doesn’t matter what feature Blizzard will add, people will cry over it.


Just talk everyone into going to the Circle of Elements.


What’s this? A thread by someone who is having FUN?
And it’s not even something I personally do?
The more the merrier!
Welcome to the WORLD of Warcraft!
Flips hair

(Kaivax) #22

OMG yes. I’ve been in two losing Warfronts.

A confluence of people who do non-objective things (exploring the zone to see what it looks like and where the boundaries are, spending a lot of time reading the detailed offerings at the various buildings, going deep into the mine and then getting carried away fighting mobs in there, etc.) can easily get overrun by the defending faction.

But that’s hopefully a learning experience for those participants.

(Levíathan) #23

It will be interesting when the new difficulty comes out!

(Yayayayayaya) #24

That describes it well. I would just add in a bulk of the people have no idea what they’re doing in them.


I hope the AI is much better than Islands’ AI controlled faction, as those are barely more of a challenge than the current WF’s AI controlled faction.


I have definitely gotten helplessly enthralled by the scenery a few times.

(Zaleos) #27

I personally like warfronts too.

They are, sadly, underrewarding. If there were drops it’d be great. Right now is just “let’s finish this as quick as possible and be done with”. And that is one time every…20something days.

I find the instance itself entertaining, I just dont feel motivated to do it for nothing.


If you could marry AH’s resource gathering with Darkshore’s play style I’d be happy.

(Sinfel) #29

I feel like they were originally supposed to be pvp but changed them to purely pve for some reason.

Might actually have been fun.


Warfronts are like if you took AV, made it all PvE, and called it end-game content by slapping free epics for completing them. Hopefully Warfronts are a thinly disguised way for them to start slowly revamping the old world while squeezing as much value out of the art team’s efforts.


I like the idea of them and island expeditions… it’s the implementation that’s been less than ideal.

The pace of warfronts- especially the start of Darkshore and the ‘wait at the end while siege happens’ are just boring.

(Kreivos) #32

It’s coming back as an epic BG.


Warfronts are fun low stress events. At my toons low ilvl they are decent fun.

(Feronar) #34

Is a piece of current-tier heroic raid gear not enough?

(Revolutionx) #35

Why does it have to be a choice between the two? It’s almost like you’re admitting there’s a problem with the way they’re designed. Same goes for Islands, too slow and you lose. Constantly racing against the clock is not fun.


Yeah they’re fun for the first 2-3 times. Quite frankly the only reason I’ve been a proponent of WoW falling from their pedestal. Is because I feel like once they have nothing to lose they will start trying innovative and original ideas. Instead of trying to please the masses.