I am late to the party but Warfronts are fun, at least imho

(Motors) #1

Yep, i only just this week started doing warfronts and am enjoying them, it is another way to gear and i like the way they play out.

I hope they make more as they are pretty much always running and a great way for alts and even mains to get some gear.

Thanks for making them Blizzard, i know i will probably catch flack for this post but i am still happy to play them.

Edit: One thing i forgot, ilvl 320 seems a bit high to start in Arathi, seems like 300 would be more appropriate, especially if folks are using this as a catchup mechanic for gear.

(Saralocks) #2

Hmmm, no. I found Warfronts to be the cheap version of Ashran. I mean, you do have people that find a way to do nothing in them and let others carry them through them, and on top of that, there is no real PVP Conflict in them, just you and a group vs’ing Alliance/Horde NPC’s.


Are warfronts pvp? I always avoided them out of fear its where it sticks me on the other factions island and perma flags me. Im bad at wow pvp. If I want to get a pvp fix I will play Overwatch.

(Motors) #4

My understanding is that Warfronts were NEVER from inception going to be PvP, they are basically dungeons laid out differently and with a larger person count. As far as a cheap version of Ashran, Ashran was always a cluster, but it too had some fun moments and of course it actually was designed for PvP.

(Saralocks) #5

Yeah, but when you look at Warfronts, you think, oh goody, Warfronts. But as soon as you enter them, it is no fun when all your doing is attacking waves after waves of NPC’s.

And not only that, Ashran was removed. One PVP Battle gets removed for what, nothing to replace it?

(Motors) #6

I hear you, when i first heard of Warfronts before they were actually shown i first thought oh sweet, new PvP, so i was somewhat disappointed by that. In fact it is one of the reasons i haven’t done them until now. But now that i have i am surprised i am actually enjoying them.

Just wish they had a lower barrier for entry but that is because i am an altaholic with many toons.


Nope. It’s a pve with 20 other people and you build up resources, take bases and cap em for the Alliance, and defeat the enemy champion.

(Motors) #8

Pretty much, and that is why i find it fun, there are plenty of people and things to do to get the end goal…end boss. Both of them i am enjoying and running them each at least once or twice a day as possible.

(Arron) #9

I’m interested in seeing how they rework them for the heroic modes, at least. There isn’t much of a challenge in the current implementation.

(Valora) #10

Warfronts are the least fun ive ever had in Warcraft. It’s like banging your head against a no lose tutorial.
People hate island Expeditions but I actually like them. You can actually lose those. There’s a ton of random encounters that can happen. A ton of decent rewards. It’s much quicker. You can up the challenge to mythic or PvP.

Warfronts has NONE of that.


you can literally just collect wood the entire time

(Cilivia) #12

Me too, I enjoyed my first week of warfronts ! Then you understand the “only” mesure is how fast you can do it ;p

So now It’s just 20min of my time to get a loot once every X week.

I try to make my own fun inside : going 1vs whole camp or something like that, soloing elites etc

(Sinelus) #13

…your kidding right? You’ve missed out on a LOT by not looking up if it was PVE or PVP. It’s 100% dumb AI PVE.


People have lost Warfronts. Alliance had the first known loss. I think I remember reading that everyone was spread out doing other things and the Horde assault retook Stormguarde.

(Stompypotato) #15

We can lose a warfront? I didn’t think that was possible.

(Maelfarion) #16

I think Warfronts are indeed fun. They add a cool scenario for this whole faction war and just enhance the feeling of conflict in general.

However, they just need to be made a tad shorter. For example, destroying the gates in Arathi and taking down the boats in Darkshore is a needlessly tedious waiting experience.

I also think it would be more fun if you had access to those special classes in Darkshore more often and that they create some for Arathi.

I think it’s a shame Blizz has said there won’t be anymore Warfronts, at least in the immediate future.


Yep. It happens

(Stompypotato) #18

Wow. I want to see that now. I wonder if I can talk the other 19 people to letting it happen.

(Tentaclatrix) #19

It doesn’t matter what feature Blizzard will add, people will cry over it.


Just talk everyone into going to the Circle of Elements.