I am interesting in this Cluster, maybe you could help me?

Good day to you!
I’ve recently come across your cluster and I must say while it does look rather…barren…the quality of the population does seem to be absolutely fantastic. For the reason I am seeking guidance.

First of all, I am interested to hear of good RP-PvP guilds on both sides. As I do believe their is always two sides of a story I would love to find a guild on both ends. Also, I will say Im new to the whole RP thing. I guess with this I was feeling kinda like, rich snooty? i unno. anyways. So yeah, that and also Im curious to know if there is a discord associated with this cluster?

Thanks for reading and hope to hear back.

Hello there! Sorry for not responding for so long, I’m from over on the Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt part of the cluster, and while they merged our servers, they haven’t merged our forums yet and I forgot to turn noties on for this one.

There is a discord for the RP community (originating from the TNRH side) which you can find here: 8XdTCk7
There is more info on some RP guilds there, though I should warn you, most of them are not hugely PvP heavy.