I always like it when they reuse minor characters

Tonight I learned this otherwise forgettable villain from the Sunwell Trilogy is a rare mob in the Dragon Isles:

I always likes when Blizzard brings in old, forgotten little characters, be it from quests or external media. This rare could have been anyone, but by making it someone who we’ve already seen before, even if it was 17 years ago in a comic that most have forgotten, it makes the world feel a bit more coherent and lived in.
Legion in particular was really good about this, I feel, like Valorn from Curse of the Worgen, Meryl from Med’an’s comic, or Revel from Dark Riders showing up in artifact quests. Dragonflight doing it too makes me a bit more optimistic.


Oh neat!

This honestly was one of the few things that I enjoyed about Shadowlands as well, the callback to old/beloved characters in a lot of the zones was really cool. Particularly for me, Lady Vashj and Huln Highmountain were amazing and I thought (Decimator) Olgra was a really nice touch and callback to a well-known quest since vanilla days. It gives us lore nerds some little ‘easter egg’ type stuff to be on the lookout for which I always love.

So far I’ve been really loving the feel of the pre-DF stuff, I’ll definitely be interested to see if this carries over once it launches.


That’s cool. They say Dragonflight is Dansauer baby, meaning it’s 100% his and so far? It really shows and I’m excited. More excited than I been in a long time admittedly.

Blizz seems to be trying really hard to give us a memorable expansion, in a positive way, and that’s feels really good for a change.


I really enjoy this too. Why waste a character that has already been created? In Shadowlands they reused Duchess Mynx from Wrath.


I said it before, and I’ll keep saying it.

I really want to be excited for Dragonflight. Everything I’ve seen so far has been alright to pretty good actually. No big red flags for me yet. I enjoy Evokative Dracadactyls more than I should, the zones look gorgeous, and I fully expect whatever happens with my boyfriend Malfurion (and he is my boyfriend, as proven repeatedly) and Ysera is a guarantee to make me sad-mad-double sad.

But… It’s still Blizzard, and Blizzard has burned me too many times for me to trust the burner’s turned off this time.


Blizzard has always had this weird thing where they have an almost photographic memory for random minor NPCs that 3 people know about but then will like, forget what the main character of an expansion did one patch ago.

I mean it’s probably different people but it still hits weird.


Remember when they completely retconned the Stonewright’s backstory just like 6 months after introducing her.


I was super excited when I saw Tyrathan Khort at Voljin’s funeral. Too bad nothing came of it… but it got me excited for something involving him, lol.

Seeing The Black Bride in Legion celebrating our PvP achievements was nice, too.

I definitely love when these sort of forgotten or obscure characters get a little spotlight.

I liked the different speakers all the minor troll tribes got in BFA Zuldazar.