I (15 year returning player) got ninja'd (tale as old as time)

So recently I came back to Wrath Classic to start playing again in time for ICC… Started running beta dungeons, etc trying to gear up. Today, I got accepted to a raid despite my low gearscore and then the raid leader gave a link to the softres of which I entered my items last since I was the last one recruited to the raid. Here’s the link to see what was reserved.

So fast foward to the end of the raid where “Revaille,” the raid leader is distributing the loot based on these soft reserve items and it’s time for me to roll on the only item I can that popped up, “Solace of the Fallen”

I WIN THE ROLL! How exciting! However, the priest, Kuhani, who was also rolling for the same item and significantly more geared than I, was extremely upset that he lost fair and square to an undergeared shaman. Oh well… he’s upset, I understand, but I won. Time to get my loot right?


Revaille, suddenly has a change of heart and doesn’t honor the rules, gives the loot to the priest and they both log off. What a waste of my time. In fact, so much wasted time that I took the time to document and report the two with screenshots. I have a link if anyone is interested in reading the actual in game chat. (You’ll notice that despite the fact the in game add-on says he gave me the item, he never did… You can scroll down and see he actually gave it to Kuhani…)

It’s unlucky, and it’s happened to me 15 years ago in original Wrath as well… But this time I’m not letting this person get away with it. Avoid him at all costs.

“Revaille” Horde mage.

[Ninja Pictures] [https ://imgur.com/a/pXJ4HeL]
[softres] [https ://softres.it/raid/tu4ngv]

Welcome to whitemane, ninja is everywhere, and blizz wont do anything about it since i have been in the same shoes as you it hurts yes!! All we can do as of now is go cry and afterwards b*tch some more in the end its a game with little rewarding, find a guild that willing to take you or make your own group and start ninjaing