[H][Zul'jin]<MythicHub Premium> 7/10M LF DPS & 1 Healer

Hey everyone, I’m the GM of MythicHub Premium (renamed from Crucible-Zul’jin). We’re currently 7/10M and are working on Mythic Sludgefist now, hoping to finish him up soon. We’re a close knit group of players looking to expand our roster to finish off CN with CE, and continue into 9.1 with a strong team.

Our core raid times are Sunday 8pm-11pm EST, Monday 9pm-12am EST and we’re looking at setting up heroic sale runs for gold on Wednesdays 8-11pm EST.

We’re looking for a variety of players, and only ask that you’re currently 2/10M. We tend to look at the player themselves and not their current experience, because some of the best players we’ve found have been lower progged or inexperienced, so feel free to apply regardless of prog. Listed below are some of the specs/roles we have a high priority for.

Looking for an offspec tank, one that plays DPS mainly. Any class.

We’re looking to add one healer, preferably a disc priest or holy paladin.

We have a high priority on ww monks, shadow priests, warriors, warlocks, mages, and hunters. Although we’d be glad to take any spec if you can perform.

We’d love it if you’d consider us, and we look forward to hearing from you. Here are our recruitment contacts:
Nikki#9174 (GM, discord)
Langni#5410 (lead recruitment officer, discord)

If you’re shy, feel free to use our guild application here. Just add an h in the front of the URL and we’ll contact you shortly.

Still looking for players :slight_smile:

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Bump! Still need DPS & an hpal :smiley:

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I happen to be a Fury Warrior. You guys maybe want to be friends? :flushed: :point_right: :point_left:

Hmu on discord Nikki#9174