[H][Zul'jin] Heroic ATOC Guild Recruiting More DPS and Healers

Hello Zul’Jin,

Our guild, keep it simple, has achieved AOTC for Castle Nathria with a small raid team that we are looking to expand. We are looking to add several dps and a couple of healers to buff up our raid size. Starting this Tuesday, we will return to full-clearing heroic with alts with an eye for the next tier’s raid, so some of our raiders are switching classes and roles and we are hoping to bring new people into the team. We are a heroic guild and won’t be pushing mythic.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7-10 ET

What we are looking for:
-“Raid ready” - 190 ilevel character
-No raiding experience necessary, we are looking for fit at this point
-Any class is welcome to come along

We are a very chill guild with the goal of “keeping it simple.” Regular attendance is required, but we aren’t mythic raiders and we want to have fun. Several of us also love PvP and we regularly run Mythic + keys and level characters together. If you are interested in coming along to see what we are about, send me a discord message at Mewtron#1847 Even if you don’t have a character ready just yet, we already have Curve so we aren’t stressing about everyone starting on Tuesday.