Hyperthread wrists exist

After 21 runs of 4-11 range finally got them… Hope to one day be a useful mage

My first pair of 415s took me 9 runs my current ones took me 11. The bracers are basicly necessary to make fire work properly with out them and three master blaster traits tho fire is basicly dumpster fire level garbage… forgot to add you will also need a on use intellect trinket preferably a bale fire or font or both

I finally just saw a pair drop…

…for the warlock in the group

Who spent 70% of the run dead on the floor because he’d never done it before

Then said he needed them because they corrupted with +versa

But yeah, I saw them drop once :expressionless:

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Got a pair out of my chest a couple weeks ago or so? Definitely a huge boost.

That happened to me too on the second run warlock took them even though it really serves no purpose for him at all he just took it because it was a 15 ilvl upgrade

I gotta start running more mecha. I think I’ve done like 3-4 keys and haven’t seen it yet. Grats on getting your hyperthread, I’m sure it was an exciting moment.

As an aside, its always disappointing when a spec is balanced and heavily tied to an item. I wish the bracers were removed, and the spec rebalanced (ie having more damage tied to the current iteration, or the bracers being built into the core spec of fire). Fire is going to have big changes next xpac due to how its propped up currently with bandaids.


I agree, it sucks that to do well we need on use primary and wrists and 3 blasters with 1 wild.

Its so much nicer being able to pick up frost and arcane with okay damage with mediocre azerite.

I will say I really enjoy how fire plays now with the massive burst window, but farming it wasn’t fun

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They weren’t an upgrade for the warlock in my run. Same ilvl as the ones he had on, he just thought the versatility corruption was somehow an upgrade

Just kinda irked me because he spent every single boss encounter dead on the floor. First major mechanic that went out, he would die every time :expressionless:

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