Hygiene (H) LFM Whitemane Wotlkc

Hygiene is a semi casual raiding guild that runs multiple 10s a week and currently partners with another guild for regular weekly 25s.

Current prog on 25 is 4/5 hm and on 10s is 5/5 hm on multiple runs with at least one being a 50/50 (most of the time 2 of them make 50/50).

Main raids are 10s on Tuesday and 25 on Wednesday with additional 10s on Thursday and Monday as needed. All raid times are 6:00 p.m. server (West Coast).

Looking for all classes and types wanting to find a fun but active raiding guild which always attempts to improve. For more information or questions contact Tutall on Whitemane, look up Hygiene on discord, or message me on forums.