[H]<Without Sympathy> Looking to refill for progression – 5/11H

[H]Without Sympathy on Mal’Ganis- 11/11N 5/11H - LF people for Heroic Raid - Aim AoTC. ( not pushing mythic)

Raid times are Fri/Sat 8pm - 11pm CST

Due to scheduling changes we are needing to refill our team.
Wanting to continue our progression in Heroic so minimum ilvl required is 255, with legendries.

Currently seeking:

  • Tank
  • DPS - ranged - pref boomy, hunter, mage

Must be willing to join guild and be on Mal’ganis

What our guild offers:

  • Heroic Raid Progression
  • M+ ran daily
  • Social
  • Leveling
  • Drama-free
  • Scheduled Heroic Raids - Fri-Saturday 8pm - 11pm CST

Progression raid expectations

  • Have discord (working Mic is preferred, at least be able to hear)
  • Show up on-time - Raid invites start 10 minutes before raid.
  • Have appropriate gear, gem’d and enchanted.
  • Have necessary raid tools (DBM, Big Wigs, Weakauras are required)
  • Have a general knowledge of mechanics. don’t be shy to ask clarifying questions if needed.

For more info contact

  • Bnet : HoneyRydar#1558
  • Discord : HoneyRydar#1244

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