[H]<withCoke> 2/10M Sun/Mon 8pm-11pm Aest

WithCoke is a group of friends from past Cutting Edge guilds such as <Enigma>-Saurfang, <Its Merely a Setback>-Barthilas and <Daybreak>-Frostmourne.

We’ve come together for Shadowlands to push raid progression.
We support a relaxed and friendly environment but we have a focused limited 6 hour raid schedule.

We are always looking for more likeminded players to play though we are looking specifically for the classes listed;
Holy pally or Resto sham
WW monk
MM/BM hunter

Raid Schedule - AEST (server time)
Sunday - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Monday - 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Please by contacting one of our Officers:
VKF#1783 - Poaching God
RockMelonz#1657 - Warlock healer extraordinaire

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any spot for R.druid?
I could reroll to boomkin but not awesome DPS.

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