[H]Warlock LF Mon/Wed raid team

Looking for an active raid team for DragonFlight. I have Wednesdays and Mondays off work, otherwise I don’t get home in till like 11pm CST. So if you need a warlock and raid on Mondays/Wednesdays, or if your raids start super late, feel free to add me.


Hmm, posted on the wrong toon. This is my main.

Super on point with summons btw

Hello. I thought since you have a late schedule you might like a morning raid. Day Raiders will be doing weekday raids at 8-11am EST. If you have any interest message me.
BN Jolenar#11150
Discord Ryaden#5511

Hey thanks for the reply! I’m sorry those times don’t work for me. I appreciate the offer, GL with your team next expac!

NP. You too.

LF raid team

RDPS lf team

LF wed/mon raid team