[H]<Vacancy> 2/10M/AOTC Guild LF DK/Boomkin

Hey there from <Vacancy>.

We are an AOTC guild that is looking to round out our roster for mythic progression for this tier and beyond. We are what most would probably consider “semi-hardcore,” in that we work hard toward mastering mechanics and killing bosses, but we all have careers and families, so time is limited. We try to make the most of that time, and we’re proud of our progress to date.

We try to keep the atmosphere light so that we can all have a good time. We don’t want to play with people that suck the fun out of WoW or take themselves too seriously.

We’re a very active guild, including on discord, on most nights.

Fast Facts:

Weekly Raid Commitment:

  • 6 hours

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST


  • 2/10 Mythic
  • 10/10 Heroic


  • Required


  • Rekt on Sight

Current Needs:


  • Death Knight
  • Balance Druid


  • Full


  • Full

Reach out to us on Discord to discuss: