[H][US][Zuljin] THE TAVERN LF DPS 10/10 N 9/10 H

US - Zul’Jin Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 5:00pm - 8:15pm Pacific Standard Time (8:00pm - 11:15pm EST) We are: 10/10 N 9/10 H Our guild is currently progressing through heroic CN. We have a 20 man roster currently, but looking to expand with a few more dps.

Server : Zul’Jin

For raiding we are looking for DPS of these classes below:

  • Demon hunter Havoc
  • Hunter Any Spec
  • Mage Any Spec
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock
  • Balance Druid

A bit about us:

Our guild consists of newbies, returning members to WoW, and long time players since vanilla.Our guild was created back in August 2020, that got together after hearing the release of Shadowlands. We are doing Normal/Heroic Raiding & Mythic +. Our raid roster is almost full, just in need of a few more dps to complete it.

What we are looking for:

  • 18+
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly
  • Friendly members, casuals, socials, newbies, and veterans are all welcomed of any class/level. We hang out in VC too!
  • Those interested in raiding (Normal & Heroic), Mythic + dungeons. We are a casual raiding guild, we raid on Tues/Thurs for main characters and sometimes alt raids on the weekends.
  • Mic Optional, but joining discord is a must for communication for raids, events, news, etc.
  • For Mythic + We are looking for DPS & another tank to help more groups run/progress through M+. Mythic + is usually ran on the weekends.

If you are interested please contact us on Discord, Find our guild in-game on Zul’jin US to request an invite, or reply to this thread.


Austin Wright#7685

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So excited for shadowlands to come out! We already got a few new members, happy to add more! :slight_smile:

Please come join! Everyone really sweet & very helpful in this guild :grin:

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Would I be able to join even if I didn’t fit the raid timers? I haven’t been able to find a place with my times on it so I’m just looking for a nice guild at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes of course! Even if the raid times don’t work with your schedule you can still join!


We’d be happy to have you, everyone is welcomed :slight_smile:

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I’ll make a character over there when I get home then :slight_smile:


Awesome, i believe we sent you a guild invite? Hit me up on discord so we can get you in the guild discord and stuff!

I’ve actually been slacking on getting online and I apologize. The late work and the gym took up the time slot. I’ll get right to it now though

Haha no worries at all. Hit me up on discord too when you are available. :slight_smile:RainbowTea#0009

Hey everyone, The Tavern is currently looking for a DH, 1 RDPS and 1 Healer!

I’m a ranged DPS with a healer friend who are both looking for a guild. Tons of raiding experience, including mythic and PvP. Let me know how I should contact someone about discussing the guild.

I forgot to add I tried adding your discord and it doesn’t seem to exist.

Hey there! Just saw your response, if you cant add Austin Wright#7685 try RainbowTea#0009. If those do not work let me know and we will work from there

Now looking for 3 More dps to fill our roster!

I’m interested in joining, I’m a returning player and haven’t raided seriously since MoP, but since this expansion low-key rekindled my passion for the game, I’m interested getting back into raiding. I’m pretty washed up right now but willing to relearn and brush off the rust. I’m also currently in college and work (right now out of work due to lockdown) there may be times where I wont be able to come on raid days because of projects or overtime at work, but looking at the raid days and time I believe I will be able to make it to raids. I currently main a sub rogue open to learn and play other specs.

Hey we’re happy to have you! We’re on the server zuljin so you’d have to transfer.

Hit us up on discord so we can discuss further with you :slight_smile:
Austin Wright#7685