[H][US][Tichondrius] <Scrub Legion> 10/10H recruiting ALL DPS for mythic

Looking for a 6 hour per week guild with the aim of having a good time and getting into mythic raiding? Scrub Legion might be for you. Raid times are Wed/Sun 8-11 ET.

We are a new guild looking for players with a desire to improve together and full clear mythic. We are not recruiting for the bench!

With Shadowlands our goals for Scrub Legion are the following:

  • Get AotC done as fast as possible.
  • Fully clear mythic before the next raid tier.
  • Provide a community who will help you tackle M+ every week and climb the arena ladder if that’s your thing.
  • Have a fun time memeing our main tank in discord who has been given the legendary title of Meme Factory.

Our current needs are the following:


Come join the squad today!^

My Contact Info:

Btag: Goofygoober#1827

Discord: Goofy#5152