[H][US][Stormreaver] <Mistaken> 5/10H Recruiting DPS for AOTC Push


This is Omnia, the raid leader for Mistaken.

We’re a social raiding guild that’s been continuously operating in one form or another since vanilla; through over 16 years, multiple raid tiers, weddings, jobs, kids we’ve been drawn back together over and over to slay fantasy monsters together.

We are looking for a few talented DPS to join us as we progress from 5/10 Heroic to an AOTC guild.

If you are:

  • Ideally an adult human
  • A DPS class, with extreme preference to the following classes which we currently lack:
    • Windwalker Monk
    • Fire Mage
    • Havoc Demon Hunter
    • Shadow Priest
  • At or over ilvl 205
  • Able to make our raid times:
    • 9pm EST Tuesdays
    • 9pm EST Mondays
  • Able to give and receive good natured ribbing
  • Serious about playing to the best of your ability
    • But not so serious you’re going to tilt about someone else’s momentary shortcomings
  • Interested joining our weirdo internet extended family and making some lifelong friends

Then you should:

  • Message this account on reddit through DM or chat
  • Reach out to me on Discord
    • Hakks#6041


  • Reach out to any of the following in-game (on Stormreaver US):
    • Omnia
    • Omahnee
    • Illvaria
    • Exeriae
    • Phonomancer


  • Be prepared to transfer your character to Stormreaver
    • We may consider paying for a transfer for the right candidate

We’ve been gaming together for a long time and hope to bring on a few players who are first and foremost a good cultural fit.

We may make exceptions to any of the above requirements regarding class, experience or ilvl; but we won’t make exceptions for jerks.