[H][US][Mal'Ganis] <Underqualified>, Looking to start guild with this tag - Details within thread

Hey Everyone, Sideflip here, rogue player on Mal’Ganis.

I just want to pre-face this by saying the guild name is not currently established but I’d like to gauge interest in my (our) vision and see if we can make something happen.

Its probably safe to say we’ve all sat in Orgrimmar or Oribos for hours trying to get into a key or raid to no success. As a player who is always looking to evolve and get better, this frustrates the hell out of me, but that’s the nature of this game. At the end of the day I am looking for like minded people to run content with who have an interest in improving.

The idea I have for this guild is going to be focused on player progression first, then content progression. I am looking for players who are interested in running keys and later forming a raid group for smooth AOTC runs and potentially a couple Mythic kills. This will not evolve into a CE guild and a general consensus among members will be polled for raid times.

Feel free to message me on BNET, Sideflip#1481 or Discord Sideflip#6879.

Thanks for reviewing my post.