[H][US][Illidan]<Ataxia> LF Competent Heroic/Mythic Progressing Raiders 8/10H

Raid times
10-1AMEST Tuesday/Thursday (aka 9 Illidan Server time to 12 Server time)
Hello fellow Zug Zugs, I’m Sovereignx aka Sovereign, Raid Leader of Ataxia we’re currently in crunch time to look for dedicated raiders to progress through Castle Nathria in hopes of cutting edge. We are group of pretty tight nit friends, looking to expand our group and welcome in new people as part of the family. We’re an adult setting, but conduct our raids with class.

Currently Recruiting: All Exceptional Ranged DPS in high demand of Warlocks and Spriest. We are accepting all applications and raid-fill in spots.
We’re progressing into Mythic Shriekwing and Huntsman Altimor this week and require good numbers to push these bosses.
Brag about your logs, flex your achievements, show us what you got.

Sovereignx: Matthew#1785
Phatwater: Eric#13334