[H][US][Hyjal]<Fat Disgusting Gamers>W/TH 5/9 H 9/9 Normal AOTC Focus Looking DPS

Fat Disgusting Gamers is currently 5/9 H 9/9 Normal looking to fill out our roaster and get AOTC. With raids on Wednesdays and Thursdays 6-9 P.M. CST.

Current Needs:
DPS : Druid, Rogue, DK, Monk

BNET: Gullron#1202, thedespoiler#1200

we have dry wall and Monsters now we just need some Kyles

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Chill Group here, could use a few more good players to join us in heroic raiding! great community and lets be honest… Our Warrior… PUMPS!

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bumpin’ :slight_smile:

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big bumps for big parses