[H][US][BLEEDING HOLLOW]<Dusk Eternal>10/10 H (Eastern Timezone) RECRUITING FOR MYTHIC!

[Dusk Eternal] are looking to add to our core raiding roster! We are a friendly, helpful, and mature guild with an emphasis on having a good time, but drive to be successful at what we do. We are currently 10/10 in Heroic Castle Nathria and have our AotC achievement! We are a solid group of raiders that have varying amount of play experience, a portion of us playing as far back as vanilla/TBC era.

Our goal is to recruit up to a complete Mythic roster and progress as far as we can before patch 9.1

Our specific needs for raids are as follows; HEALERS : Restoration Shaman, Discipline Priest, or Restoration Druid We are looking for one of these preferred classes to get us to a flexible 4-5 healers on a per fight basis.

DPS : Deathknight, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Warrior, and Rogue These are our preferred options for added DPS to our roster, but are not limited to just these class/spec options.

TANKS : Currently full with 3 for Raiding purposes. ​ Our raid days and times are Monday/Friday 9pm-12am Wednesday(Alt Night) 8pm-11pm

Interested? Reach out to myself over discord bluu#7164

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