Husband and i want to create a guild, thoughts?


My hubby and I would like to start a new late night raiding guild on Cairne. We are currently on Tichondrius but need a change of scenery. We are wondering how many people would be interested?

Guild: Melodramatic
Server: Cairne/Perenolde
Faction: Alliance
Raid days/times: Tue/Wed/Thur 9:00PM -11:00PM Pacific Time
Family friendly: We have two young children and understand that family comes first :slight_smile: It’s okay to afk and change that poopy diaper!

Discord: We will set one up soon

All Healers
All Tanks (My husband and I both enjoy tanking together but we will fill whatever role is necessary)

Our Plan: Clear Heroic Ny’Alotha and complete Mythic Keys weekly for some team building. Once we have accomplish these goals as a team we can move onto Mythic Ny’Alotha and onward to Shadowlands!

My hubby and my Bnet are: Jarrior#1409 and Jasper#1898