Hunter's Mark Macro

Hi everyone,
I’ve only found old forum posts on how to do this but none seem to work for me.
I’m trying to make a macro to cast hunters mark first then cast aimed shot (aimed shot can be replaced by any other spell in multiple macros). I’ve tried this:
#showtooltip Aimed Shot
/cast Hunter’s Mark
/cast Aimed Shot

This only casts hunter’s mark, it won’t cast the second spell. Given my limited understanding of macros, any advice on how I may be able to get this to work? Thanks!

I don’t think that will work any more. Hunter’s Mark will trigger the global cooldown, so your macro won’t be able to immediately cast any other abilities that are also affected by the global cooldown (like Aimed Shot). To get two or more abilities to fire off with a single keypress, only one can be on the global cooldown. For instance, you can have a macro that does

/cast Hunter’s Mark
/cast auto shot

because petattack and Auto Shot aren’t affected by the global cooldown.

I think the best you could do would be to have a macro that casts Hunters Mark if a modifier like Control or Shift is pressed, and casts Aimed Shot if the modifier is not pressed:

/cast [mod:shift] Hunter’s Mark
/cast [nomodifier] Aimed Shot

You’d have to press it twice, and wait for the global cooldown to run out before pressing it the second time, but it would get both those abilities onto one key.

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The pins are your friend

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to be fair though you used to be able to macro hunters mark with other abilities

You necrod a post 2 years later, and your point was covered in the first reply.