Hunters magic

Can hunters use wind magic or not? Cux it seems to change every SINGLE expansion. My favorite iteration is thas dorah with wind magic arrows. Can hunters still do this or no?

Hunters haven’t needed arrows since the end of Wrath of the Lich King, more than a decade ago. And I have no memory of “wind magic arrows” at any time before that.

Agree however we used wind arrows in legion with Thas dorah also had skills with wind magic such as wind burst, and wind arrow passives. Also had chimaera and serpent sting for all specs ( not survival tho.)

I didn’t do MM in Legion, so I have little memory of all the specials on Thas’dorah.

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Yeaaah it was awesome!! It’s everything I wanted. Wind + a bow and arrows?!!! Yes pls. I mained mm and bm hunter then but the skill effects now look like trash. :man_shrugging:

We had elemental arrows which was pretty nifty in my book. I assumed we powered them ourselves and not had a ACME delivery contract that directly supplied in the field.

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If only I’d had an Acme delivery service back in the days when we used arrows, instead of a quiver and a bag or two full for raid night!


You know. I’m not proud to admit that I ran out of arrows on more than one occasion on raid night.

Sneaking into melee. Using raptor strike. Pray no one notices. Someone inevitably notices. Get teased the rest of the night.


I never once ran out of arrows on raid night. That may be because I’d fill my quiver with the good ammo for raid and throw all the not as good ammo in my regular bags, and thus have a back up supply should the need arise, but never ran out of ammo.


Trust me, the teasing was definitely deserved. At the time I was just a teen who constantly forgot to do prep work for raid night.


I was benched for hmm… almost a month for no ammo on top of showing up with just a fishing pole (but hey, it was the Kalu’ak fishingh derby).

Run out of arrows, once , I ran out of bow!
You ever see a little man-doll on your screen, and some of his armor might be yellow?
I did. It would come and go, I had no clue as to why. Then I found out, when my bow failed due to equipment damage, and vanished from my hands.
It was funny, there stood my character with doubled fists, preparing to duke it out with the mobs… actually, it was funny later, not right then…


The final boss of Blackwing Lair, Nefarion, would instantly break hunters’ bows/guns at some point during the fight. Either you could have an acceptable second weapon to equip or have an engineer drop a field repair bot in the middle of the fight.

Fun times.


Lesson learned. I have my 2nd best bow in my bags. I don’t think I’ll need it, but its just one slot…

In regards to actual magic hunters are closer to shamans in that they use wild magic which mostly helps them blend into nature and commune with/tame/take on aspects of animals.