Hunters in my guild want to get ashkandi

I can’t link, can either fix this one or google “demon npc wowhead”

classic.wowhead .com/demon-npcs#0-2+9

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Not necessarily. Math isn’t finalized but it’s looking like a hybrid AP/SP approach works, as well as pure AP (the traditional) or the “Spelladin” that stacks SP and uses a fast weapon.

Given OP is Horde though and IIRC Horde Warriors do use 2H Fury, I’d say they probably should have priority over a Hunter who uses it as a stat stick.

Stupid is as stupid does.

On Ony, a fight where half the time she cant be meleed and there is other mechanics that lower overall dps. Don’t be a fool.
There you go, a video of melee weaving.
Also earlier I’ve already linked to parses in this thread.

Legit crap for alliance, you damn fool.

And now compare it to a warrior 2h fury on Mag.

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This was before they nerfed Slam.

It doesn’t change the fact that melee weaving is a legit way to get more out of a hunter then plain range attacks. Why don’t we all just reroll to warrior, no one gets gear but warriors as they are the master class.

This is also horde with WF, he popped reck and as stated he was using an exploit.

are you suggesting hunters get demonslaying enchant over agi enchant is to fight kazzak?

i mean, theres trolling, but there’s also the whacky drivel you’ve threw up all over the forum today.

there are no demons in vanilla raids, everything in BWL is a dragonkin or humanoid, everything in ZG is a troll or beast, and everything in AQ is unclassified.

I got it tonight as a 2 handed fury warrior in my guild. I also am the highest rank pvp’er in our guild i think.

But none of that matters.

I had the most CEPGP in the guild for those who rolled main spec…(because we know FURY warriors dont get many drops so our points are high) so i won it. If a hunter had higher points he/she would have won it.

I took it into AV and brough a guild healer …and let me tell you, it was glorious.


Show me where all these 2h melee weaving hunters are in BWL???

Every single top parse is from a dw hunter.

Use DKP. Let people get the items they want, even if it goes against min-maxing notion.

I already have linked them to you, in this very thread. Must have a bad case of orc brain.

This guy had the #1 parse for the first 2 weeks on Ebonroc.

Your so full of crap, also that link you posted is for all fights, including trash. Should only be looking at the boss fights to get a more real idea of dps potential.

Go click the drop down menu for every single boss - they all all dw. The top weapons are r14, cht/bb, dw bsh.

Ignoring that top parser I linked?
Skinnay #9 parse on razorgore, melee weaver.

Also #9 on Flamegor

Not at all. Just browsing over the rest of their kills and it would appear that they also swapped to dw weaps. Ribspliter and bsh - they would be better off having a bb/cht or dw bsh but probally dont have them.

I have no argument that melee weaving exists - thank you for informing me - and on that fight you linked it did pull ahead in the dps (out of a 2k total clears) but no where near enough to warrant giving a hunter ashkandi imo. Maybe when the +25 agil to 2h enchant comes out sure - a case can be made but until then dw weaps are far more consistent.

Also with zg just around the corner now - dont dw weaps get replaced in there for a totall of 56 ap and 2% crit? Add and extra 30 agil from enchants and you are clearly infront.

It is situational, but watch skinnays twitch, he even weaves flamegor. It can be done on almost any boss. It’s also consistantly more dps, the top parses are mainly trolls getting lucky crits on a 20-30second encounter. Hardly repeatable, consistantly atleast.

Imagine if skinnay was horde, orc with a better axe and WF.

You just said, “the top parses are mainly trolls getting lucky crits on a 20-30second encounter.” What do you think every top parse is hoping for lol, not crits? Do the people trying to melee weave hope to not crit. Are you seriously trying to dismiss the non weaving top parses because they crit?

You keep saying melee weaving adds dps, but bwl has had 3x full clears and there is no evidence to show that it adds dps. People use it, yes. People do damage with it, yes. But no where do we see the 10% increase from it people claim. The logs simply don’t reflect it. It’s a side grade (at best if played perfectly).

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Melee weave adds dps when done right. A lot of fights have melee punishment mechanics though, on those fights, it’s usually better to just stay at range.

But saying melee weave isn’t a dps increase is a bad joke. It’s proven to be better mathematically. But in practice there are times it’s better, times it’s worse, based on mechanics.

Edit: as an example there are fights where the boss uses a fear. Hunters can chose to be outside of range if the fear and not melee weave, or be in range of fear and melee weave, and in turn can get feared into fire and die.

It’s situation based.