Hunter Quivers


This may have been asked or talked about countless times but after searching for more info I can’t seem to find anything.

Leading up to Dragonflight I swear there was talk and models shown for Hunter quivers finally coming back and being transmogable.

Am I trippin? Did I dream this up? Is it planned for a future patch just like the white/grey items are coming in 10.0.5?

Thank you!


The only ones I knew of were tied to the Legion bow. I don’t remember quivers having an appearance even back when you “had” to have a ammo pouch.

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I think there was some, but I am not 100% on it. I vaguely remember seeing quivers on my hunters on the Figure Prints website and if I am not mistaken in-game outside of the Artifact. This was way back in BC though when we needed ammo. Haven’t played Classic on a hunter so not sure if it is a thing.

Other than the Sylvanas quiver I believe there are others being released but it takes up a back slot for your transmog.

Sylvannis drops a back piece that is a quiver. Legion hunter artifact weapons use quivers do you can transmog your weapon and you’ll get a quiver that way too


No, you are correct, and so far we only got the one from the Trading Post. We have the ones from Sanctum of Domination raid from Shadowlands, but so far nothing more.

there was an appearance when you had to use a bag slot for quivers back when you had to purchased arrows

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Regardless, hunters should have quivers avaliable!!

laughs in rifleman

Wasn’t there a quiver from the Trading Post awhile ago.

So I am not the only one who remembers this.

There was, I’m using it on my Mog right now…