Hunter Quivers


This may have been asked or talked about countless times but after searching for more info I can’t seem to find anything.

Leading up to Dragonflight I swear there was talk and models shown for Hunter quivers finally coming back and being transmogable.

Am I trippin? Did I dream this up? Is it planned for a future patch just like the white/grey items are coming in 10.0.5?

Thank you!

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The only ones I knew of were tied to the Legion bow. I don’t remember quivers having an appearance even back when you “had” to have a ammo pouch.

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I think there was some, but I am not 100% on it. I vaguely remember seeing quivers on my hunters on the Figure Prints website and if I am not mistaken in-game outside of the Artifact. This was way back in BC though when we needed ammo. Haven’t played Classic on a hunter so not sure if it is a thing.

Other than the Sylvanas quiver I believe there are others being released but it takes up a back slot for your transmog.

Sylvannis drops a back piece that is a quiver. Legion hunter artifact weapons use quivers do you can transmog your weapon and you’ll get a quiver that way too