Hunter Pets

I was simply wondering how exactly I get a new pet as a hunter and what are some good pet options.

Taming a pet is a very simple process. In your spellbook is an ability called “Tame Beast”. Once you find a pet you would like to be your new companion, you simply target it, and use this ability. There will be a short channel, after which you will have a new friend.

You cannot tame a new companion if you already have a pet summoned, or if you don’t have any available slots. If you run out of slots, you can obtain more by visiting a stable master NPC.

As far as what are available, here’s the go-to spot for finding a new pet. Keep in mind that “exotic” pets can only be tamed by Beast Master hunters.

This is the best site for pet information:

You should have an ability called Tame Pet. You cannot have an active pet out while taming, they must be dismissed. I don’t recall how many slots you have in your stable at level 20, but it should be at least 2.

Do not damage the thing you want to tame first. You can only tame beasts your level or lower. Pet have three specs (ferocity - dps, cunning - pvp, tenacity - tank). Each pet class will have an assigned spec and they will all share abilities, so beyond having one of each spec, it’s all personal preference in regard to the look of what you’re taming.

At later levels, BM hunters will learn to tame exotic pets and spirit beasts which do have some special class abilities.

Always use a ferocity pet in dungeons if there is no mage or shaman. you want to use the primal rage skill (aka Bloodlust) on bosses, which gives the entire party a huge haste buff that significantly boosts dps. Bats and rays are particularly good in dungeons for the buff steal (sonic blast) ability as well.

After you can tame spirit beasts at higher levels, it’s optimal to use spirit beasts on trash (buff steal and heal abilities), and switch to ferocity on bosses for primal rage if there is no mage or shaman.

In the open world, Clefthooves are the best because they are ferocity but also amazing tanks. Clefthooves can be tamed in WoD 90-100 range. After your 120 and get some gear, you can use anything you want in the open world without worry.

My questing/dungeon goto pet is a scalehide (kodo) unless I have a specific use for another family type or get the Exotic pet talent at level 65. They tend to have many of the abilities that make clefthoof/rhinos good but you don’t need to be a beast master hunter to use them.

Slow attack speed but each hit is big. Lowest level tameable one I know of for Alliance is a level 13 on the hill above the gallows outside of Rachet. Horde can tame lower level ones in Mulgore.