Hunter Pets

Did they get any stat scaling from the hunter in Vanilla?

No, only some stats from tier set bonuses (T1-T2 were stamina+resistances, T3 was 50AP to you and your pet).

A naked 60 and a full T3’s pets will do the same damage, minus the aforementioned 50 AP from the T3 set bonus.

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Thank you. Kind of makes me not want to play a Hunter now.

Nope. This is why pets are junk after 60. Blizzard’s “solution” at the time was to just put stat bonuses on tier sets for them. But you don’t raid with pets, so the bonuses are mostly just wasted slots. They should have been on the PVP sets instead, but aren’t.

Pets werent all too usefull in pve content as far as raw damage went. You used them more for the utility they provided. Aka 1.0attack speed pets for caster knockback or the wolf for furious howl. Another useful one, especially for dungeons was the owl, for its screech ability.

different pets have different stats, some pets within each class of pet (bear, cat etc.) even have different stats (example : brokentooth has the best attack speed of all cats but pure white cats look cooler)

Hunter pets had a mind of their own in vanilla :joy:

oh ya, jump off wall in instance = whole instance pulled, run 2 inches beside a mob with your pet between you and mob agros on you not the pet.

nope only some specific gear sets as tie bonuses