Hunter or Boomie LFG

This will be a long read, as I am looking for a community as well as a raiding guild.

My available times: After 7:30 pm PST and no later than 12am PST. I would like to stay horde if I can, but will go Alliance if it is a good fit.

I have been raiding since Wrath both casual, semi casual and hardcore. I have had to take most of BfA off due to IRL kids/job/etc.

I find that I don’t do casual very well. I am looking for a guild that is Mythic focused, CE would be nice but I am looking more for a guild whose goal is to kill as many Mythic bosses as they can in a tier.

I have the most experience on my Hunter, after that Balance Druid. I am willing to play either of those.

The following is important so please read this. I will be gone the first week of the expansion. I will be trying to level while I am gone but it is a holiday week in the US. I promise to do my best to get caught up when I get home. I feel all guilds should know this beforehand so there is no miscommunication.

With the above in mind I do come to raid prepared, I am outside the entrance 10-15 min before the raid starts. If I am going to be late I will let someone know. I can’t ever promise to be your best dps but I will do my absolute best to be your most consistent. I enjoy M+ a lot, and hope that your guild would have people that like to run them on off nights.

If I haven’t scared you off you can leave your guild information below. The best way however is to reach out to me directly via bnet Bel#1747 or discord Bel#8510

Hello Fedelma!

We are a new guild that is looking to get into heroic/mythic progression. All of our current raiders have 12/12H and/or some kind of mythic experience. We are trying to develop a team that loves to raid with each other, while progressing as far as we can. Our goal 100% is to get into mythics, but with us, might take some time. Completely understand if you want mythics right away, but figured I would try!

Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm-12am cst.

If you have any questions or if you are interested, please let me know!

-Discord: Tano#7981
-Btag: Caseclosed#11853

Yo man! I’m not sure if you’re okay with starting right at 7:30 pst, but I’ll post my info down below. Hit me up if you’re interested!
Garlic is a horde guild on Illidan with like minded individuals whose goal is to progress through Mythic as far as possible each tier. We expect every raider to come with knowledge of each fight as well as contribute to strategy outside of raid hours. If you’re looking for a fun environment and a great group of people to play with, come apply!

*We are always recruiting casual members and players that only want to do M+

Past Tiers
Uldir - 6/8M
BOD - 6/9M

Friday: 9:30 - 12:30pm CST
Saturday: 9:30 - 12:30pm CST
Monday: 9:30 - 12:30pm CST

Recruitment Needs
We are looking for players that are consistently looking to improve every week and hungry for a competitive environment.
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Need all
DPS: Need all

Mythic or Heroic Logs
DBM/BigWigs, Exorsus Raid Tools & Weakauras

How to Apply
Contact one of the recruitment officers listed below or leave a comment on this thread with your B-Tag or discord name

contact info
Glits: Glits#1609 (bnet) / Glits#0288 (discord)
Coba: mrzeon99#1324 (bnet) / mrzeon99#9365 (discord)

Because I have been asked I do not have any current logs.