Hunter & Monk LF Guild

My friend and I are looking to continue raiding in 8.2. Our current guild has hemorrhaged membership since CoS, and is no longer in a position to raid going into 8.2. My Monk buddy has tanked throughout BFA, but is looking to DPS going forward. That being said, he has will have a respectable offtank gearset. We’re looking for raid times after 9 PM EST with nothing on Wed/Sunday. Please let me know here or @ Omeyga#1449

Hey Girt,

Ode to Undercity is a heroic based raiding guild looking for DPS. If you guys are able to make it Wed, we raid Wed/Thu 845PM-1130PM server time. Message me in game or add me on Bnet if you’re interested!

Hi Girt, sent a friend request. In the meantime here’s our guild spam if you care to peruse it: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game? - #15 by Tillae-thrall

We raid Fri/Sat 11pm EST. Hope to hear from you! Happy to answer any questions you might have!

hey we raid tues/weds 10-1 were 3/8h atm tang#1917