Hunter 4 Set Breaking CC in PvP

Can we please look at the Marks Hunter 4 set bonus breaking CC in PvP? Getting tired of losing games to CC breaks from Trick Shots - having to cancel the aura feels horrible as well because you’re negating the 2 set damage bonus. Sub Rogue Tier doesn’t break CC, why does Marks?

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you dont need cc when you just 1 shot individuals


Marks arguably has the hardest CC to land in the game that I can think of, so making it harder to stick is kinda feels bad man


ya my bad i forgot marks is the only hunter that actually has to think about their cc!!!

except then they can global people too so…

im just memeing rn i do think it should be fixed, but mm hunter dmg is cringe


Yeah I figured you were, seeing as you can hit Evasion and negate almost all the damage lol


why do people always assume i play rogue smh… im a mw spriest main

Gfade it bro. It’s a shorter CD than MM burst.



i’ve only played 1 game as spriest this season and it was coincidentally against a marks hunt funnily enough

yes we did win ofc

Prolly cuz you are posting on a rogue


Any hope for this change? D::

the really lol part is what cd an mm hunter has to spend to earn evasion, and whether evasion works when the mm’s partner sets up a stun to deny it

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Nerf rogues


Then play with classes that help you setup CC. Weird I realize, but in MoP, scatter was for the off target and stuns from my teammate (rogue or ret) were for the CC target. This is nothing new.

This is completely irrelevant to the post, you have to play with someone else to set it up - but tier breaking the CC is still an issue.

Yeah it’s annoying and inconsistent they prolly won’t fix it

You say marks has the hardest CC to land. I was replying to that. It’s not hard. Landing CC and breaking CC are two different things. Not sure why this has to be clarified.

Meh I think you both have good points to be honest. Landing a trap on a healer that’s been stunned by a partner is in some ways easier than some others.

At the same time though specs like marks have a significant higher reliance on teammates more akin to older expansions, while most ranged have toolkits that allow them to do it all solo, which is then further augmented by team work. If you stop a mage on kidney + sheep for example he still has the full fallback to just dB sheep himself after you spent the kick/stun on him.

So in a coordinated environment for non-sv specs (due to how potent harpoon trap can be) I’d say it’s still a higher difficulty than most because the enemy team has less “plan b” cc windows to worry about.

As to your MoP comment not sure I agree. Was pretty active then and partner stun trap was probably only 30-40% of my traps. I did a lot of scatter healer, disengage root the dps attempting to stop into trap so we could stun kill target due to the high mobility of that expansion.

Depending on comp, it was usually wyvern I’d use on the off dps vs the healer unless I borked the trap.

Don’t recall too many hunters routinely scattering the off dps unless they had to wyvern healer due to circumstance or comp type.

Usually you could get away with it because web root, crane sleep, explosive trap glyph, and powershot allowed you some interesting ways to peel for partners.

As far as 4 set breaking cc, it’s unfortunate since so many specs have layers of protection built in but I’d rather it be that way for more specs so they have to process the situation and act accordingly.

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You can use a cancelaura macro for trick shots and the tier buff and prevent yourself from breaking if they are stacked. It helps if you’re using a weakaura to track your focus usage. if you’re at 0 before you start an aimed, you want to use the macro on the same global you use the follow up arcane shot. If you are over 0, use it before the aimed and on arcane global. I bound mine to an extra mouse button that I never use.


Still completely irrelevant, it just isn’t comparable to other classes and their ability to consistently land CC solo.